They’re running out of white veils, at Summit!

They’re running out of white veils, at Summit! March 10, 2013

When my husband and I had a chance to attend a First Profession at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Summit, we saw that the professing nun, Sister Mary Magdalene was radiant with joy, but one impression that remained with me for a long time after was her small but constant smile of delight.

Image mine – ES

To me it seemed eloquent of the intimacy of this moment of espousal to Christ. The declaration of vows is public, and yet it is all interior, as well. As I wrote, then:

One expects a first profession to be beautiful and joy-filled, but I was surprised at how moving it was; to watch this radiant young woman pronounce traditional Dominican vows and then have her prioress and novice mistress lovingly dress her in the black veil of a professed nun gave me goosebumps. Ancient tradition, the renunciation of the world to be only for Christ — a holy continuum, through the ages.

Yesterday at the monastery (which has since seen the first profession of another young nun, Sister Mary Cecilia) they celebrated the First Profession of Sister Mary Veronica of the Cross, OP, and when you click over there, you know what you’ll see?

That same, small, secret smile of joy. The sisters promise more pictures later, but in the meantime they have just posted some video! (Looks like the sisters could use a donation for a new camera! I’m just saying!)

In just about 9 days, they will receive the vows of yet another novice, Sister Mary Jancinta, and then there will be only one white veil left, after that, I think.

And in May they will celebrate another Final Profession, and again in November.

So, a few rooms in their novitiate are opening up. Just sayin’. In case, you know of a young woman discerning a life like this one.

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