Should I Live-Blog or Tweet the Papal Inauguration? UPDATED

Should I Live-Blog or Tweet the Papal Inauguration? UPDATED March 19, 2013

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After what seems to have been endless days of chill and rain, (bless the Lord!) it is a gloriously clear day, in Rome. The air is fresh and sweet. The weather is smiling. Not a breeze blowing and as the mists burn off, the sky is sapphire-blue. Just lovely.

Tu Es Petrus! Here is a “libretto” (with English translations) to follow along. It’s a BIG pdf!

For the Vatican’s useful guide to how the day will break down, go here.

For John Paul II’s Beatification, I sat, as you see, on the loggia, and was unable to write much live.

This time I am in Rome but indoors. Having trouble deciding whether I should live-blog the event or tweet it (@TheAnchoress). Live-blogging has kind of become passé, and Twitter is more interactive and faster, so I can pay more attention to what’s going on. But live-blogging is easier to refer back to. What would you guys prefer?

Also, scholar Fr. Elias gives some fresh perspective on the viewing world for this installation and also has some good advice: “better to participate in and observe this as a believer rather than a detective.” Yes.

UPDATE: Okay, I’ve decided. Choppers overhead. Since I’m working on an iPad, which is pain-in-the-necky for blogging, sometimes, and I’m neurotic about my bolds and italics, I’ll do better — and observe more — if I Tweet. My handle again: @TheAnchoress

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