Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte, You’re my Hero…

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte, You’re my Hero… January 18, 2014

A reader bought this through the Amazon portal (which is the link to my book) and I was so intrigued that I asked for it, for Christmas.

What intrigued me? Two things — cost and froth.

A) COST: I’m way too middle class to spend a lot on a coffee maker; it wouldn’t make me feel good about myself. Spending a lot for a latte would, in fact, make me feel bad about myself. While this unit sells at higher prices in stores, it goes for under $55 at Amazon, which is really my limit for a latte maker. Free shipping from Amazon prime is a nice bonus, too.

B) FROTH: I have to admit, with this unit, I doubted the froth. My hubby and I were given an espresso/cappuccino maker many years ago as a gift and the thing had issues, particular as regards froth. The hot steam was not a good thing for a clumsy girl like me; I never did figure out how to get a really good froth going, and then the cleanup…I couldn’t enjoy the latte for thinking of the cleanup.

With this design, there is no hot steam, there is no steel piping to get clogged up with milk residue. You put the milk in the carafe, and while the coffee brews, the frother does its thing, and in no time at all you have a piping hot cup of coffee with — my doubts were quickly assuaged — a truly excellent froth.

And clean up is a snap.

And now I don’t have to go out to find a good chai tea latte. This thing does the trick, perfectly. I’m really happy with it. In these cold days of winter, I feel like Cameron pulled out of the deep end, and given a kiss of life: Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte, you’re my hero…

As is whoever purchased this for someone else at Christmas and exposed me to the thing!

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