“The Faithful Traveler” Comes to Patheos!

“The Faithful Traveler” Comes to Patheos! September 19, 2014

faithful traveler

Back in February, EWTN showed a wonderful multi-part video tour of the Holy Land, hosted by a high-energy, vivacious and very faithful young woman named Diana von Glahn, who also produced the series, with her husband, David.

You can watch that whole travelogue, and also visit some US Eastcoast shrines, here.

As you will see, von Glahn has an eye for beauty, an openness to try new things and the kind of steady, centered faith that allows her to be both remarkably upbeat, and laid back. All of that comes through in her travel videos, which boast high production values. They are a treat for the eyes and the spirit, and the joy she takes in her discoveries is so infectious that when the show is over, one feels not like, “oh, I don’t need to go there, now” but “oh, man! Now I have to go there!

Diana and her husband’s next adventure will take them to Portugal — to Fatima, of course — and I understand Ireland and perhaps England may be on the agenda in the near future!

And when she is not traveling, Diana blogs about traveling; want to know what shrines are delightful to visit of an autumn weekend, or where you can get in some skiing and some warm worship? She knows the best spots, so subscribe to her feed and plan accordingly

We met briefly, in Israel, Diana and I, and several of our Patheos bloggers also had the pleasure of catching up with her at a recent Catholic Press Association conference where, as I understand it, they went out and ate BBQ and had quite the merry time of it while I was home sick!

Speaking of which, in Israel I unwell and at my worst in every way imaginable — physically, spiritually, mood-wise — and yet Diana has still agreed to set her tent amongst us. A true follower of the Incarnate Word!

And thanks to her videos, I can now see everything I missed of the Holy Land.

The Faithful Traveler can be found here at Patheos, and we’re glad of that, because we are in the process of scoping out some new ways for Diana and Patheos to best showcase her gifts. You can like her on Facebook and follow her here, on Twitter.

You’ll be glad you did, because Diana is a Delight!

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