Award-winning “Strange Gods” Now in Polish! (UPDATED)

Award-winning “Strange Gods” Now in Polish! (UPDATED) December 19, 2014

In the successive pages of this modern day City of God

Say whuuuuut? From a review of Strange Gods than left me a bit speechless, when I read it last week!

A couple of days ago, I shared old news that my regular column at OSV had been honored with an award.

And a friend said, “I thought it was your book, not the column, that was recognized.”

Which reminded me that oh, yeah, Strange Gods was also recognized by the Association of Catholic Book Publishers.

No, I didn’t mind coming in behind my fellow Benedictine, Judith Valente’s Atchison Blue one little bit, as it was was one of my favorite reads of 2013

Strange Gods Award

I think I probably never really processed (or absorbed) that nice little honor, because I got the news while I was in Israel and distracted by that incredible place while simultaneously contracting pneumonia. One of my fellow travelers, who seemed to know I wasn’t really taking it in, remarked, “hey, awards are not easy to come by, so enjoy it.”

You know, until just now, when I snapped a picture of it for this post, I don’t think I’ve really allowed myself to do just that: enjoy it. I get frequent emails from people telling me that Strange Gods has been an eye-opener for them, or that it’s gone over well with a study group, or created a great discussion among a class of young confirmation candidates (the study guide is included in new editions, but it can be accessed online, here) but I’m not sure I ever really take it in as fully as I should, in order to really feel grateful. And if we’re not grateful, we have no joy.

So yes, I am happy. And I really appreciate all of the great feedback, encouragement and support I’ve gotten from you folks.

When I read a book that’s really had an impact on me, I do like to let that author know. I know your book came out some time ago. I read the reviews, read an excerpt. I could not bring myself to read it. I knew it would make me uncomfortable [and] I wasn’t ready to be uncomfortable. I picked it up this weekend…clearly meant to read it now. Many words come to mind to describe this book but the bottom line is it made me think –really think, like no other book has in a long time.
– C.K.

When a note like that comes in on a really bad day, and I’ve had too many of them, of late, it really kicks new life into me, and when people who don’t owe me a damn thing take a moment to share a good word, I am touched and, yes, sincerely grateful. Many thanks to all of you. The end of a busy, often-challenging, year seems like a good time to remember to say that!

Just received this in the mail
as a really great Christmas surprise! Strange Gods: now published in Polish! I can’t wait to tell Artur Sebastian Rosman!

Strange Gods in Polish

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