The Crescat Needs Your Urgent Prayers – UPDATE

The Crescat Needs Your Urgent Prayers – UPDATE July 26, 2015

UPDATE: Katrina is home after receiving her stent, and while she is not yet set to blog, she sounds like she is getting back into form, as she declares on Facebook that casseroles are welcome. Thanks be to God. Please pray for her swift recovery!

katrina fernandez headshotOur talented Crescat, Katrina R. Fernandez, has been hospitalized after suffering what she described as “crushing chest pains.” After evaluation, she is being moved to another hospital where she will be outfitted with a stent to treat a blockage and other issues.

Please pray for Katrina; she’s terrified and really suffering, writing, “it hurts, the nitro hurts and I can’t stop vomiting. I don’t mind you asking for prayers; I really need them!”

So, I’m asking for prayers, in your charity, for Katrina, and for her family, too. As you know, she is a single mom, and this can’t be easy for her or her son.

On my own, and without Katrina’s permission, I’m also asking you to consider heading over to her blogsite and hitting the Paypal jar. I’ve already done it. Prayer and a little cash might be the very best thing any of us can do for her, for the moment. She needs prayers and rest, and money is always tight.

But prayer, first and foremost; that’s most important! Thanks for that. We need her back in fighting form!

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