The Family Research Council Hits A New Low

The Family Research Council Hits A New Low December 17, 2010

The fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) declared the Family Research Council to be a hate group hasn’t slowed Tony Perkins and company down one bit.  Here’s some lovely comments from them regarding the repeal of the ban on gays in the military:

Our nation is threatened today, within and without, by those who oppose Biblical truth, Biblical moral standards and freedom of speech among Bible believers. We who pray must invoke the supernatural intervention of God so that those who seek to foist ungodly laws upon our nation will be confused, divided, and prevented from achieving their evil plans.

Did you catch the persecution complex?  Our desire to prevent them from imposing their ridiculous religious beliefs on the rest of us is actually opposition to their freedom of speech.  Which is kind of ironic when you consider the fact that they never shut the hell up.

Getting back to the matter at hand, if they were only calling for supernatural intervention, no one would give a damn about what they say.  Unfortunately, their real goal is to “foist” their primitive morality on an entire nation by political means.  Here’s a beautiful example of their vile point of view:

These [liberals] are obsessed because they are spiritually blind. They are driven (Eph 6:12) [according to the cited verse, by “powers of this dark world” and “the spiritual forces of evil” – JF]. Obviously they either do not know, do not believe or do not care what God has said about the consequences that will come upon a people who approve what He calls an “abomination.”

They got that part right.  We don’t believe or care about what they think God said.  Even many believers, preferring a more tolerant version of the deity, have had it up to their eyeballs with this vicious, horrifying, vengeful old shit of a god.

Meanwhile, under the category of “judging someone by the company he keeps,” gay darling Megan McCain’s father has become a doddering old bigot:

On Monday, Tony Perkins sent an urgent alert to pastors across America, urging them to act immediately to thwart the Senate effort to overturn DADT. …”Senator John McCain,” Tony wrote, “…has said he has never seen anything like this. There is an obsession with trying to ram through a controversial social policy….  He has also asked me several times: ‘Where are all the religious leaders, where are the pastors?’ The only voice that is being heard on Capitol Hill is that of the homosexual community who are attacking anyone and everyone who stands in opposition to their agenda.”

This man, who keeps company with hate monger Perkins, was almost elected president.  That’s how much power these extremists have even after being declared a hate group by one of the premiere civil rights organizations in the country.

I don’t pray for supernatural intervention.  I’d rather work for a day when treating others with dignity is the standard of morality.  On that day no ancient book or creed will relegate people to the shadows as “abominations.”

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  • Which is kind of ironic when you consider the fact that they never shut the hell up.

    Truer words, Jeffrey. Truer words.

    BTW, the link to their post is broken.