The FRC Follows God’s Specific Orders

The FRC Follows God’s Specific Orders December 22, 2010

Here’s the difference between religious nutbags and everyone else.  The religious nutbags have a direct line to God.  I’m not trying to be cute by overstating their claim.  They actually take orders from this deity.

Here’s Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in his fundraising appeal:

While we have all felt the swing of emotions related to various battles this year, we are once again reminded of what the Lord has specifically called the FRC team to do.

He has called … our entire staff to advance faith, family and religious freedom. He has called us to shape public policy as it pertains to the family and human life, based on Biblical principles.

You read that correctly.  Jesus or his dad or the holy ghost contacted the FRC and “specifically called” on them to do all the stupid crap that they’re always doing.

So I just want some help in understanding this.  When he called the “entire staff” did he do it over a conference call?  Or did he come to a staff meeting?  Maybe he e-mailed an inter-office memo.  My boss usually just hollers down the hall, but he’s not as good with tech as God probably is.

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