Atheist Family Destroyers, Inc.

Atheist Family Destroyers, Inc. February 14, 2011

Over at the paleo-conservative site,, criminology professor Mike Adams has finally explained his never-ending attacks on atheists.  He wants us to be aware that he knows a lot of misguided atheists who are also conservatives.  His screeds are not meant for these simple “unbelieving atheist friends” for they are merely the victims of God’s expulsion from the public schools.

His contempt is reserved for what he calls the evangelizing atheists.  (Why do evangelical Christians use the word “evangelize” like they think it’s a bad thing?  Just curious.)

In any case, it was his conclusion that really stirred me up:

The politically conservative unbelieving atheist must wake up and connect the dots between religion and politics and between social and fiscal conservatism. He must realize that the evangelistic atheist is on a political rather than religious crusade. His evangelism targets religion because he seeks to destroy the family. And he seeks to destroy the family because he seeks to replace it with the welfare state.

Our individual liberties are in jeopardy. But they may only be taken away by men if it is presumed that they are granted by men. We need fair-minded unbelieving atheists to reconsider the underpinnings of their beliefs. A godless conservatism is only one election away from extinction.

These false connections between atheism and the welfare state are easily ridiculed scare tactics that I could readily let pass.  So is his idiocy about liberties somehow being granted by someone other than “men” (so slavery WAS God’s fault!).  It’s his accusation about us seeking to “destroy the family” that I can’t let slide.

I have a family and I do not wish to see it destroyed.  Yet when I look around me I see that the ONLY people putting MY individual liberties in jeopardy are conservative evangelicals (and other fundamentalists) who seek to set public policy by their ignorant beliefs about infallible scriptures and the imaginary gods who wrote or inspired them.

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