Secular Israeli Ordination Gets Some Media Play

Secular Israeli Ordination Gets Some Media Play February 16, 2011

I just saw this article about the ordination of the latest secular humanistic rabbis in Israel.  That was the event I was planning to attend but canceled due to a family illness.  What jumped out at me was the number 23…that’s how many such rabbis there are now in Israel.  They were ordained by the Israeli branch of the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism, also known as Tmura.

There are already of our rabbis than the number of secular humanistic rabbis in the U.S. and Canada.  At least there are more than the number of self-declared secular humanistic rabbis over here.  Methinks many closeted secular humanistic rabbis are in hiding in the Reform, Reconstructionist and possibly the Conservative movements.  Maybe they’ll see how Israelis are starting to take to it and become inspired to set their siddur aside in favor of some integrity.

Or maybe not.

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