Defending Marriage? Sure They Are

Defending Marriage? Sure They Are March 6, 2011

The criminally discriminatory “Defense of Marriage Act” was brought into being by those pillars of monogamous faithfulness, Bob Barr, Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich.  It’s fairly obvious that there is no small amount of hypocrisy that emanates from most homophobes.  Nonetheless, I never tire of pointing it out; nor will I until these laws are repealed or ruled unconstitutional.

There’s a great article in the “Pensito Review” detailing their mendacity.  Of course, the worst was Gingrich, a man so slimy you’d need a high-pressure hose to clean him off.  And of course he’s upset about the president’s refusal to further defend DOMA:

Gingrich feels free to wade in on DOMA because he’s never had to address the fact that while DOMA was sailing through the House under his direction, he was quite openly engaged in an extramarital affair with a congressional staffer. His affair with Callista Bisek, which apparently started in 1995, had been reported in British newspapers, Time magazine and well before DOMA was debated in the House. The affair continued for years, and was still going on while Speaker Gingrich led the impeachment of Pres. Clinton over the president’s own affair with a staffer. …

A serial adulterer, Gingrich had multiple extramarital affairs when he was a college teacher. He is also infamous for an incident during his first divorce — he left wife number one after a lengthy affair with soon-to-be wife number two — when he forced his first wife to discuss details of their separation while she was in a hospital bed recuperating from cancer surgery.

The article goes on to point out the obvious fact that the bible is much more adamant about sins of adultery than anything involving homosexuality.

But Gingrich and his merry band of aldultrateers are not really concerned with the bible or sexual morality.  He’s knows that pals like Bryan Fischer are and he’ll cynically exploit these issues, hurting the lives of thousands of people, as long as he has an interest in occupying the White House.

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  • Anonymous

    “Adultrateers”–how cool! Do they have a theme song and secret handshake? A hat with ears (or something else)?

    The Reform Deist

  • Anonymous

    My personal belief is that all government sanctioned unions should be Civil Unions and all religious unions can be marriages. If your church, synagogue or mosque does or does not want to recognize same-sex, up to them. BUT, the federal and local governments should not be allowed to discriminate!!

    The Reform Deist