Another Haredi Love Note For The State Of Israel

Another Haredi Love Note For The State Of Israel September 22, 2011

Here’s a great example of the two-faced nature of many Israeli Haredim.  In addition to having their hands out to the state all the time, while not serving in the military, they also spread horrific lies about the Zionist movement.

In a report from Israel’s Channel 10, a high school yeshivah rabbi, Reuven Yaakov Sokolover, took his class to an IDF Memorial and said the following:

They caused the Holocaust.  They helped the Germans with the Holocaust because they wanted to establish a state here.  They said, “Let as many Jews as possible die and then we’ll have an excuse that we deserve a state.”

Here those same sinners took over, spilled blood and now they want us to stand for the siren [sounded on Memorial Day]?  We will not stand for the siren.

He went on to call President Obama a Palestinian, Iran-loving Muslim.  I don’t know what he’s got against Obama.  I thought opposition to him was mainly a right-wing Zionist thing.

Despite his antagonism toward the Jewish state, his yeshiva has not turned down funding from the government.

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