Thank You, Toronto!

Thank You, Toronto! September 12, 2011

So I took a month off and now I’m back to the blogging.  It’s a job of work keeping it going and finding interesting things to discuss.  Not that there’s any lack of interesting things, but I try not to sound like a moron when I blog and that sometimes translates into research, which takes time!

This past weekend, on behalf of the Society for Humanistic Judaism, I had the privilege to be visiting rabbi at Oraynu Congregation in Toronto.  The people were lovely and because I gave my card to many of them I hope they’ll be checking out the blog and see how deeply appreciative I am.

There were several highlights.  The presentation I’m the most proud of is the one where I purposely made everyone nuts looking at the many maps of Israel, settlements and the territories.  I think I succeeded in demonstrating just how complicated the issues are.  It was a wonderful discussion and extraordinarily civil, given the topic.  Of course, that just might be a Canadian thing.  From what I’ve experienced on my several visits to our northern neighbor, Canadians are downright nice!

So I thank everyone there for their interest and hospitality.  I hope that when those cold fronts sweep across their land, they’ll make their way to my corner of the tropics for some R & R.

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