Inside The Primitive Ideology Of Haredi Judaism

Inside The Primitive Ideology Of Haredi Judaism January 6, 2012

Behind the growing conflict between Haredim and the rest of the Jewish community is a primitive theology that most of us do not begin understand.  These people live in a world in which God metes out punishment upon the Jewish people and the world for the tiniest of “offenses.”

In the video below, broadcast a few weeks ago on Israel’s Channel 10, you will learn about a movie intended for Haredim.  You will see how these people blame their own wives, mothers and daughters who wear wigs (rather than headscarves) for the rampant poverty in their community.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Wait until you see what else they blame on this so-called immodesty.

Israeli Haredi birthrates indicate that their population will increase by 580% in the next twenty years.  They will become the majority in Israel.  Can such an Israel survive?

Lest you think that this is just an Israeli issue, keep in mind that they are the fastest growing group of Jews in the Diaspora, too.  If this is the future of Judaism, I will opt out.

As for Israel, it has a clear choice to make.  Each time the government cuts handouts to these people, their birthrate goes down.  The time to act is now.  They must go to work.  They must serve in the army.  They must teach their children something besides “Toirah.”

Now that I’ve got iMovie figured out, I’m going to keep bringing these clips from Israeli television.

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  • Thanks again for taking the time to translate. Now I know . . . female hair causes debt, not ABLE-BODIED HUSBANDS WHO REFUSE TO WORK DESPITE FAMILIES WITH MULTITUDES OF CHILDREN. If I start wearing a snood then our mortgage will pay itself. I can’t even begin to respond to the exploitation of the Holocaust, except to say Norman Finkelstein must be proud.

  • Anonymous

    OMFG! How come they never blame any of the men!

    If this is the future of the country, there will be no country.

    The Reform Deist

  • soso

    Well, if they absolutely want a pritze, they shouldn’t go looking for her at noon in front of a school. To a certain degree, I understand their sexual deprivation and that they want to do something against it, but there are more adequate places and hours to do it…