Tone Deaf Haredim Protest In Concentration Camp Garb

Tone Deaf Haredim Protest In Concentration Camp Garb January 3, 2012

Last night Haredim gathered in Jerusalem to protest against the crackdown on their thuggish behavior toward women and girls.  Living as they do in the Jewish State (which this group does not recognize) they chose what they deemed an appropriate analogy to their situation:  Nazi Germany.

To do this they dressed themselves and their kids up as concentration camp victims, replete with striped uniforms and yellow badges.  The event was covered extensively on, including this reaction from Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni:

There is no protest in the world that can justify this. Even within the debate we are holding there are boundaries that cannot be crossed. I hope that haredi leaders will condemn these acts.

Did they?  Not so much.

Weirdly, some of these geniuses recently praised Hitler’s Germany for its understanding of the importance of gender separation.  Believe it or not, this little tidbit appeared in Yated Ne’eman, the “yeshivish” (i.e., Haredi, but not Hasidic) newspaper. reported this a few weeks ago following Hillary Clinton’s remarks about gender issues in Israel:

Mrs. Clinton, let me remind you of one more thing. Even during the Holocaust when the Germans, damn them and their memory, death machine ran at full speed – the Jews were held in concentration camps in [separate] blocks for men and women. [Gender] separation is natural to every living person. [Therefore] men were sent [by the Nazis] to reside in the men’s block, and women [were sent by the Nazis] to the women’s block.

Since they don’t study history or psychology or anything that’s not “Toirah,” they can’t be expected to know that the Nazis did this with precisely the intention of de-humanizing the Jews.

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