Tuesday Link-A-Palooza

Tuesday Link-A-Palooza January 17, 2012

It’s Tuesday, the most disrespected day of the week.  Too far from the weekend and still feeling more like Monday.

But to brighten it up, I received some great links to share.  Here’s one from my friend and great new blogger, Coin Laundry, who gave me a shout out and left some very nice comments here.

ScentedNectar video blogs on her own YouTube channel and sent me this link to her latest.  She describes her first defianc “activism” as a very young child in a traditional synagogue.  She touched a Torah scroll!  I feel like there a song in there just waiting to be composed.

Finally, I’m now reading Prof. Lawrence Krauss’s book, “A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing.”  He decided to write the book after seeing the incredible response to his YouTube video which has well over one million views and counting.

It is a science-y book that purposely seeks to deal a body blow to theistic thinking.  Grabbing a line from the late Carl Saga, Krauss says, “Forget Jesus, the stars died so you could be born.”  Luckily for the mathematically challenged, formulas are expressed in every day language, making this a highly accessible work.
Here is the YouTube video that inspired the book:

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