Haters: Same Sex Marriage Is “Fake Marriage”

Haters: Same Sex Marriage Is “Fake Marriage” February 24, 2012

Over at the Family Research Council, bastion of theologically grounded hatred, Tony Perkins has launched a new campaign against “fake marriage,” better known to sane people as same sex marriage.

I’m not going to embed or link the video because the slime might leak onto this site and it’s expensive to clean up.  Their argument is threefold:

If same-sex “marriage” is legalized, sex-ed classes from K-12 will be required to teach that same-sex relationships are virtuous, and that anyone who disagrees “such as parents or pastors” are bigots.

This from an organization that warmly embraces Newt Gingrich.  Here’s number two:

If same-sex marriage is imposed nationally, church facilities, family ministries, Christian officials “like county clerks and justices of the peace” and Christian-run wedding businesses and more will be pressured to compromise their views or face crushing legal consequences.

Oh my goodness!  They’re going to feel “pressured” to act like human beings.  In truth I don’t give a damn if some Christian wedding planner is uninterested in my business.  I’m happy to go elsewhere.  As for the county clerks and justices of the peace, perhaps they should go into another line of work if they can’t treat the entire public with equality.  I seem to recall a recent case where a justice of the peace refused to perform an “interracial” marriage, too.  Number three:

Decades of social science research shows that same-sex relationships do not have the same level of commitment as traditional marriages. Promiscuity, mental and physical health problems, and other turmoil in same-sex relationships vastly exceed that of heterosexual relationships. That is not message of hate, as homosexual activists claim. Ours is a message of fact-based, loving concern for all, including those trapped in homosexuality.

The mental health problems supposedly caused by homosexuality are actually caused by homophobia.  Their message is fact-free and hatred filled.  It is, however, consistent with their primitive theology.

When I was a kid I was taught that this was the land of the free.  So why did I have to go to Canada to get married?

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  • SR

    My basic political outlook is ‘fiscally conservative, socially don’t care’. I just don’t see why gays getting married is such a big deal. why shouldn’t two consenting adults make any sort of contractual obligation to one another. the problem is that marriage in general has been taken over by the church/synogogue when ALL marriages should be a private, essentially contractual, matter.

  • DonZilla

    “Decades of social science research . . .”
    “Ours is a message of fact-based . . .”

    Interesting how religious people have no problem pulling the “science research” and “fact-based” cards when they support their views. It’s the same kind of cherry-picking they do with bible stories.