Selfie Contest Winner!

Selfie Contest Winner! June 24, 2019

Congratulations to Cathy Torrez for winning the selfie contest! Cathy won by leaving an Amazon review (the first one!) for my book, so I don’t have a selfie to share. However, here is her review!

Congratulations, Cathy!

(Also, if you go to the reviews you can see a one-star review left by a pro-abortion troll. She was subsequently kicked out of an abortion debate group we’re both in for doxxing. Fun, huh?)

This summer has been exhausting already and June is not quite over yet. So far I’ve had:

  • my middle daughter’s First Holy Communion and Confirmation,
  • a visit from my dad,
  • two kids going to summer camp for the first time,
  • another kid leaving for North Dakota to spend the summer with her grandfather,
  • and my 20th (!!!) high school reunion (also in North Dakota).

This week, I’m appearing on the CatholicTV show The Gist (via Skype)! Not sure when it will air yet, but once it does I’ll let you know.

I’m hoping I can relax a little in July.

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