Last Two Weeks Recap

Last Two Weeks Recap June 7, 2019

Yikes, I didn’t mean for so long to go by without posting on the blog! The last two weeks have been so crazy busy that I’ve mainly been sticking to Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s a brief recap of what’s been going on:

(1) Another school year is in the books! Yay! I thought those last few days of school were going to kill me, but thankfully I survived (and so did the kids). My oldest daughter graduated from eighth grade, and my youngest son graduated from preschool. Next year, I’m going to have five kids in three different schools.

(2) MY BOOK WAS RELEASED! (Louder for those in the back…)

So exciting!

My author copies from OSV arrived in the mail a few days prior, and I did a Facebook Live video in the CWM group as I unboxed them. My son William makes a special guest appearance.

(3) My dad flew in from North Dakota for a visit so he could attend a very special event (see #4).

(4) My daughter Violet made her First Holy Communion and Confirmation on June 1. She looked so grown up and beautiful that I almost blubbered throughout the whole Mass. Her confirmation name is Elizabeth Ann Seton.

(5) And in some not-so-great news…. I took my son Peter, who was born with bilateral clubfoot, to an appointment with his orthopedist. Unfortunately, his condition has relapsed and he will need serial casting and surgery. Essentially, he’ll be in a wheelchair for approximately 2-3 months due to full-leg plaster and fiberglass casts (before and after surgery). I haven’t gotten the details on the surgery yet, but he’ll likely need to be in the hospital overnight.

After surgery and once the casts are removed, he will likely need physical therapy. Since Peter has autism as well, that complicates everything. I’m going to try my best to explain what’s happening and why, but it’s going to be difficult for him to understand. We’d appreciate your prayers (and you can ask St. Alphonsa to pray for us, too)!

Now that I’ve finished the update of what’s been going on in my life, stay turned for news about an exciting giveaway I’m sponsoring! Details to come on Monday!

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