August 15th the Assumption of the Blessed Mother, Jerusalem

August 15th the Assumption of the Blessed Mother, Jerusalem August 15, 2023

Totus Tuus Ego Sum, Ave Maria

August 15th is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.


The Dormition Abbey sits on Mt. Zion just outside the Walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy believe the Holy Mother fell asleep (dormition) and upon her death was carried to heaven body and soul. (Award-winning digital painting by Judith Lungen 2020, All Rights Reserved) For further information see: Mother Mary Catalogue

Dogmas of the Assumption

A day of obligation, August 15th is an important date for Catholics worldwide. It’s the remembrance and celebration of the passing of the Virgin Mary when she fell asleep, left her body and was carried body and soul to heaven.

The Dogma of the Holy Mother’s assumption is not limited to Catholics.

Greek, Ethiopian and Russian Eastern Orthodoxy believe in the assumption as do Anglican and Lutheran congregations.

However, the Dogma of the Assumption existed long before the birth of Abrahamic monotheistic religions in the Land of Israel.

The Assumption, known in Sanskrit as ‘Mahasamadhi’ was and continues to be an important part of the spiritual and religious belief of Hindus, Yogis, Mystics and Realized Beings.

Perhaps the first time Westerns were introduced to ‘Mahasamadhi’ can be found in Paramahansa Yogananda’s AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI  Info On The Book  where he describes the passing of his beloved guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri on March 9, 1936. Mahasamadhi of Swami Sri Yukteswar


The beloved Indian guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri who left his body on March 9, 1936. According to Hinduism, Kashmir Shaivism and yogic practices, when a Realized Being passes away (leaves his body), the soul along with the being’s body will transmute or ‘ascend into heaven.’ In Sanskrit it’s known as the ‘Mahasamadhi.’ (“Sri Yukteswar in Meditation.” The inscription below Sri Yukteswar is the mantra, Om Namaha Shivaya. Digital Painting by Judith Lungen, 2021 from “Father Giri’s Diary.”  All rights reserved)

Two Manifestations of the Divine Mother

Without benefit of volumes of historic or religious scriptures, millions upon millions of Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and non-Christians are deeply devoted to the Divine Mother. For example, an essential element of Ethiopian Eastern Orthodoxy liturgy, devotion and adoration is believing the Blessed Virgin is their very own mother.

Throughout her entire existence and beyond, from the magical conception in the womb of Saint Anne, worship of her as the infant as the Maria Santissima Bambina, the presentation of young Mary at Jerusalem’s Holy Temple, witnessing her son’s ministry and crucifixion, the Divine Mother long after her death, continues to manifest around the world.

Here are two manifestations of the Divine Mother.

Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Entrance Saint Anne’s Basilica, Jerusalem

Our Lady of Guadalupe At The Entrance of Saint Anne’s Basilica, Old City Jerusalem,” one of the most beloved, iconic and sacred images of the “Divine Mother.” Award-winning digital painting from my Mother Mary Catalogue Collection. (Judith Lungen, 2021 All Rights Reserved)

A story of devotion and miracles, the Divine Mother manifested in Mexico in December 1531.

The Mysterious Image of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” appeared on the corn-husk based tilma/cloak of Juan Diego on December 12th. The tilma miraculously still intact, is on display in Mexico City’s Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It continues to be the most popular place of pilgrimage for Catholics around the world. Guadalupe Shrine Information


Fatima of  Jerusalem at the Rosary Sister’s Convent and Guest House in Jerusalem 


This rare and unique statue resides in the heart of West Jerusalem in the Rosary Sister’s Convent and Guest House Church. It is the first and only indigenous convent in the Middle East. This multi-award-winning digital painting completed in 2021 is in honor of the Rosary Sisters and their devotion to the apparition of Fatima in Portugal. (Judith Lungen, All Rights Reserved 2021) Mother Mary Collection

The story of Fatima starts on May 13, 1917. The Divine Mother chose these three young Portuguese children to be her messengers as the world was caught up in the World War One.

To learn more about the apparitions of Fatima and her relationship with Saint Pope John Paul II check out this link: Fatima

Totus Tuus Ego Sum Ave Maria is the mantra of Saint Pope John Paul II. From the Vatican, here’s a link concerning the secrets of Fatima that have mystified religious scholars for years. Secrets of Fatima

Equally as fascinating is the history of The Popes and Fatima. History of the Popes & Fatima


The photo is from October 1917. The three children of Fatima are Lucia Santos and her two cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto who first encountered the Blessed Mother on May 13, 1917.  The Holy Mother asked them to visit her in this spot on the 13th of each month for six months. On her last appearance on October 13, 1917 up to 100,000 people experienced the Miracle of the Sun. Miracle of the Sun (Photo Credit: Joshua Benoliel, Public Domain)


The digital painting below, “Above All The Gods” is a perfect example of exploring through art, the harmony, sameness and fundamental truths that exist within ancient scripture and experiences of the Divine.

The Divine Mother as ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ hovers above a bed of flowers that adorns the sacred Ark of the Covenant. A Star of David decorates the Ark as two devoted shimmering Angels in prayer guard the Holy Mother.


“Above all the Gods” (Digital Painting by Judith Lungen, 2021, All Rights Reserved). From the Mother Mary Collection

The quote: “Above all the Gods who come and go in the consciousness of man through the rise and fall of civilization in the abode in infinite space, in absolute peace where time is no more, there resides the Great Mother of all creation is from the introduction of the Haidiyakhandi Sapta Sati, a Sanskrit poem of 700 verses written in honor of the Divine Mother of Haidakhan by the great Sanskrit scholar and devoted disciple of Mahavatar Babaji, Vishnu Datta Misra, aka Shastriji.

On this August 15th day in the year 2023, I would like to share one more quote from the introduction of the Haidiyakhandi Sapta Sati.

“The Great Goddess, the matrix and creatrix of all that is, takes as many forms, or aspects of manifestation, as the human mind can conceive. Within and without, it is always She who weaves the patterns of all life, as the divine force behind everything perceived by the senses. I am Her who resides in the Lotus of the Lord’s heart.”


to be continued…





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