com-box recap…

com-box recap… March 14, 2010

… occasionally a commenter will leave me link or make a remark so profound that doesn’t deserve to get lost in a com-box. This prompts me to bring them out into the light of day for all to enjoy. Two such links and a comment I felt were worth sharing.

An Irish library’s online display of holy cards and Death to the World, An Orthodox punk rock zine. And this comment;

“The Catholic Faith unnerves people not because it is morbid per se, but because it is so relentlessly realistic, and deals head-on with the full spectrum of spiritual and temporal realities. This unblinking, unflinching view of both the beauties and the horrors of the universe and the human condition makes most people uncomfortable, if not downright freaked out…”

Thank you Mimi, Nan, and P&B;.

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