six word memoirs…

six word memoirs… March 15, 2010

… Here is a cute link, it has nothing to do with art, Catholicism, men or Malta but none the less it proved to be a pleasant distraction; Six Word Memoirs. The gist is to write memoirs using only six words. The results are humorous, poignant, witty and often sad [especially the love & heartbreak memoirs].

Here is my attempt…

“It’s Monday, need I say more?”

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  • My memoir would be : "I am on a blog kick" or "blogging is a waste of time" or "I gave up myspace for blogging" ya something like that .

  • Kat , "How do you create a link?"

  • "I am bad at Math."

  • LOL! It took me a minute to get it. "Sad. No grasp of the obvious."

  • Tim

    "For Sale: Adult shoes. Never worn."

  • Tim , that was Hemmingway ha! I love this idea . My boyfriend and I were using 6 word sentences last night . He said: " I sacrifice everything for my Jackie" lol I said " Stop smoking, eat healthy,live longer"

  • oh my bad Tim. You changed it a bit 😀

  • Tim

    Lol, yeah. I won a contest for that one. Jonathan Coulton (geeky internet music star) wanted his fans to write his six word memoir. I submitted that slightly modified Hemingway piece and he apparently loved it and I won a copy of his live concert DVD. Go figure.