a movement without purpose or direction…

a movement without purpose or direction… October 16, 2011

… When asked to briefly sum up Occupy Wall Street, that was my reply. It’s a movement without purpose or direction. I’ve yet to figure how a month long camp out in squalid conditions is going to fix the economy or shape the government. Again, the whole thing is purposeless and will accomplish nothing.  Oh, and then there’s the whole “crazy” factor.

Can you imagine if one day everyone started paying attention to that crazy guy who screams at the traffic and wears a sandwhich board. Every city has one, the token insane man. The one in Charlotte swears at cars stopped at red lights and throws trash at people for the hell of it. He also walks a doll baby on a leash. Try debating economics and government policy with him. That’s Occupy Wall Street. It’s the equivalent of taking every town’s crazy person and relocating them to Zuccotti Park.    

By now, we’ve all seen the videos of the barely coherent protesters unable to articulate why they are there. That’s because they are all crazy people. The media loves OWS because it’s a freak show and we can’t stop looking. And that is the only reason people are still talking about OWS,  not because the demonstrations have sparked some great debate — it’s entertainment.

No one is taking this seriously. At least no one should. What is going on in Zuccotti Park is just your typical New York City crazy, only conctrated. From a distance it looks like a massive movement with a lot of supporters; upon closer examination is just your run of the mill NYC dip-shittery.

Even when you try to separate the crazy from the cause you’re still left wondering what all the noise is about. There doesn’t appear to be a single defined message because everyone has their own little side cause like animal rights, anti-war, and the ever popular racism… liberal ADD if you will.

When OWS supporters try to demonstrate in other cities only a couple dozen people come out, mostly bored University students, and the event barely makes the local news. I was having drinks with one of my Unfortunate Liberal Friends and she quipped that if OWS came to Charlotte she would join them. Bless her heart, she didn’t even know about their feeble local efforts, so lame is the “movement” when removed from the events in Zuccotti Park.

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  • robertgwirth

    And I thought the ’60’s protestors at the U of Minn were wacko. Hoo ha, they couldn’t hold a candle to these.

  • mitch

    The lack of charity in this post is amazing. Instead of reasoned argument you resort to ad hominem. Just like with the tea party protests (or any protest for that matter) the media seeks out the craziest looking person in the crowd to talk to. There are some loons at Occupy, but there are also alot of reasonable people there. If you tell them about the catholic economic principles of subsidiarity and solidarity most will say “yes that is what I am talking about” (the drug addled anarchists don’t but they are drug addled so…). I occupy because I am conservative, because I am Catholic. I am a distributist and I see this at the time to talk about alternative economics that stand opposed to the excesses of capitalism and the brutal stupidity of socialism. http://distributistreview.com/mag/

    • I think the protest signals a broad based dissatisfaction with the state of the country, understandably so but the OWS crowd does not really know what the problem is. They have a vague sense something is wrong but they cannot distinguish the local community banker from the billionaire gambler at a Wall Street hedge fund. They are all over the place and don’t make any sense… then throw in all their little side agendas.

      I think I made a reasoned argument, not ad hominem attacks. Nobody’s claimed there isn’t a economic problem that needs to be addressed. OWS is just going about in the bat shit craziest way possible… by hosting a month long squat-in. They are losing creditably for their cause. Anyone who agrees with them, and isn’t drug addled, would do better to distance themselves far far away from OWS if they want a genuine chance at reasoned discourse.

      As a conservative Catholic are you more in line with the message or the messengers?

    • Anonymous

      Oddly enough, it is becoming clear that any organizing going at the OWS nonsense is being done by communists and socialists. So, is that what you are supporting? Because that is what is fueling the “movement.” I’m fairly certain being Catholic means standing against the “excesses” of communism as well.

  • Amazing. I thought he was wear a mask.

  • Tim

    When I went into work this morning in Cleveland, Ohio, I noticed that the “Occupy Cleveland”-ers have dwindled in number, probably because it was raining all weekend and it was 40 degrees this morning.

    I also noticed that two homeless people were going through the sleeping protesters’ things (mostly blankets). Even though I roll my eyes at them when I pass by, I do feel some concern for these kids who may be taken advantage of while they sleep.

  • I checked out the link for the local efforts in Charlotte and what caught my eye was a photo on the right. In the photo someone holds a sign that states “America wants to work.” If that is true, why hang out on the street? Write your resume, pound the pavement, put in job applications….that is how I have always found a job. Hanging out on the street and holding signs doesn’t usually get one very far. I am in agreement with your assessment of OWS.

  • tj.nelson

    This is one of your funniest posts ever. LOL!

    Where’s your donate button?

  • Fliphog

    I think it’s hilarious that everyone is arguing about the Wall Street Occupiers. (Sarcasm alert) Some saying they are a bunch of No-good, lousy, lazy, “Expect something for nothing” douche-bags and others saying it’s all Wall Street’s fault blah blah blah… Fact of the matter is it is all about GREED, on both their parts and no one can be left blameless. Everyone is acting like a bunch of little ill-mannered, spoiled rotten, neighbors kids who kick you in the shins instead of saying, “Hello Mr. and Mrs. So and so.” You know the type of kid I’m talking about right? The kind of kid you walk away from thinking, “That kids’ parents should spend more time teaching their little brat some manners – with a switch.” Well guess what America, WE are that spoiled little turd of a kid. It’s our fault.

  • Fliphog

    After reading some of the comments from this site, I understand how so many people think Catholics are so hypocritical. I don’t think I’ll be returning.
    “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    • Tim

      Seriously, like that comment from Fliphog below… yikes!

    • Didn’t you just refer to yourself as a spoiled little turd?


      Are you high?

      • Fliphog

        Yes I did, and no I’m not. I’m a consumer who fell victim to the same thing everyone else did. (The “I want it, I don’t need it but I have to have it” mode of thinking. I’m sorry for my own sins and freely admit them to you and everyone else. No, I’m not “High”, but thanks for asking, Mackerel Snapping Papist, after reading more from this site, I am beginning to wish I was.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, yeah, we are hypocritical for calling it like it is. Get a life. I think this is a case of projection, if ever I saw one. You come here claiming you are such a sinner, etc., and then claim the rest of us have the same issues. You don’t have a clue, but I’m sure it makes you feel better to think we all have your weaknesses.

      Here’s an idea–confess your sins to a priest, get absolved, do your penance, and then try to do better next time. Leave the psychobabble and name calling for the playground rather than bringing it here.

      But I’m sure Kat can defend herself just fine. This is my two cents.