because a good blogger knows their audience…

because a good blogger knows their audience… December 22, 2011

… Dear gentlemen, I appreciate your patience with me while I go on and on about hats and shoes and pretty dresses. Please accept this offering for having to endure two days of girly blather.

the T-34 tank of bad-assery
and a plate a crispy bacon
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  • Anonymous

    WELL DONE!!!

  • Mmmm. Bacon. The candy of meat.

    I wonder if there’s any in my fridge? Gotta go find out.

  • Sweet! There was. Great idea, Crescat!

  • Umm… is your audience Communist?
    A T-34?

  • Jeanne Chabot

    Ha ha ha ha…

  • Mary O’Regan

    The thing that I find about ‘Traddie’ Catholic men is that they can spend a whole day – as in hours without cease – talking about which clothes they prefer women to wear and the virtues of tweed. As well as sharing their suspicions about which girl is wearing something made from a curtain!

  • robertgwirth

    Thanks, Kat!

  • Scarp

    Thaks, Kat, I feel better.

  • Just speaking for myself, but this woman also loves heavy firearms, flame throwers, and bacon to boot! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Benjamin Malec


  • Tony Layne

    Bacon. Nature’s most perfect food. And yeah, the T-34 was pretty bad-a$$ in its day — so the Germans discovered, to their dismay — but the M1A1 could open it up like a can of solid-pack tomatoes (to paraphrase Bugs Bunny). Love it, Kat; I’ll even forgive the omission of power tools. :^)=) (Tim Allen grunts:) AH ah ah ah AH!

  • RLeón

    Ooh rah