my first purchase…

my first purchase… December 22, 2011

… a cloche hat.

I’m actually a week into my skirts only experiment and so far there’s nothing extraordinary to report. I’m used to wearing skirt suits to work and skirts to church so not wearing trousers hasn’t been a noticeable inconvenience. Plus the weather has been incredibly mild, albeit rainy. Otherwise, it’s been pretty much my regular dress routine. I’m sorry I don’t have any anecdotes or more exciting news to share. I know. Yawn.

The most exciting thing that has happened this week was I bought a hat. I’ve never worn a hat for fashions sake. I’ve worn knit hats for warmth and visors or ball caps for outdoorsy excursions, but never a hat for the sake of having something lovely on my head. It sounds so frivolous and silly when you think about it, but I started looking over various fashion blogs and old photographs and the hats… I think hats might now be competing with shoes for my affections.

The hat I bought was a bright red felt cloche hat that is the perfect shade of red to match my wool pea coat. I got a $20 gift card from the office secret santa so the expense was justifiable. It’s hard spending money on myself, moms you can relate. Somebody always needs a new pair of shoes and buying a hat in comparison seems wasteful. I hate waste.

How is a hat practical? How does this have anything to do with not wearing trousers for 30 days? Well, for practical intents and purposes this hat will protect my head from the elements and disguise bad hair days and look 100xs better than a knit ski cap while doing so. If I don’t have time to fix my hair before running out the house – voilà. Again, my challenge is about dressing less casually and more grown up and breaking away from sloppiness. I also want to show that you don’t have sacrifice style for modesty, or even style for comfort and convenience. Also I am a firm believer in polished appearances positively affecting outward demeanor. So we will see… will the Crescat swear a lot less wearing a pretty hat or will it be 30 days of lipstick on a pig. Who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Image: Twiggy

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  • I would LOVE to be able to pull those hats off. Alas, my head is either too big, too long, you name it….or my hair manages to turn it into an atrocity of some sort. Berets are the only thing that seem to work for me and sometimes even that’s a stretch. So happy that it works for you…and I love the idea of combining a hat like this with a pea coat (especially a red one).

  • Anonymous

    OMGosh!! I LOVE HATS!!! But I can empathize with that whole “Somebody always needs a new pair of shoes.”

    And that hat you purchased…Gorgeous!!

    A Red Hat on a Red-Head…Nice 😉

  • Love cloche hats! I wish they looked halfway decent on me. I usually look like I’m drowning in them…

  • Seraphic

    Ahhhhh! Loving it!

  • I love it, I to wish they looked good on me, I tend to look better in a hat with a brim. Kat, one piece of advice in caring for your hat, buy a wig, or hat stand. I don’t care if some(hat manufactors) claim to be crushable, in time they end up looking like they’ve been in a trash compactor if they’re not treated well. The other option is to stuff them with crumpled tissue paper, and store them in a “hat box” when not wearing them, ie for the summer.

  • Donna

    Kat, that hat is to die for. I _love_ it. Partly because it’s red. The style is gorgeous too.

  • I tried on that hat at Target today. Hats just look silly on me.