not all religions are created equal, sometimes I am right, and I like kittens more than being ecumenical…

not all religions are created equal, sometimes I am right, and I like kittens more than being ecumenical… December 28, 2011

… I always have the most frustrating conversations about religion with my close friend, who shall forever be referred to here as The Non-Catholic. The Non-Catholic & I have tried without success to date on several occasions. In every possible way we are compatible except for matters of faith and religion. It is for that reason we remain such close friends, and nothing more. Sometimes love can not conquer all, which is why when asked I do not recommend people start romantic relationships with those who don’t hold their same beliefs. There will come a time during the course of the relationship where someone must make a compromise, especially if children are involved, and Catholicism is just one of those things I hold above compromise.

This is my own personal choice, to not get romantically involved with men who are not practicing Catholics. I just feel marriage and relationships can be hard enough without the added issue of differing religious beliefs.

These opinions I have may not be the most popular or religiously ecumenical, but the fact is I’m quite tired of ecumenism. That was what our most recent conversation was about. Ecumenism, or more specifically, tip toeing around the sensibilities of other religions. He finds it elitist a Catholic’s claim of belonging to the One True Church. I suppose this assertion goes against popular belief that all religions have equal measure and are deserving of equal respect.

To my dear friend religion is just another personal choice, like who to date or whether to have coffee or tea for breakfast. It doesn’t matter what religion you choose to follow if it works for you. But that is not what Catholicism is. It is not just another choice on the buffet of beliefs. He thinks my stubborn persistence that Catholicism is the True Faith founded by Christ to be nothing more than a desire to be right.

However, it is Catholicism that is right, not I. You can not apply the same rightness to all religions if you truly believe and acknowledge the rightness of Catholicism. Does that make any sense? How could I possibly grant equal legitimacy to other religions under the guise of personal choice without making my own faith appear less legitimate? By suggesting religion is nothing more than a lifestyle choice reduces Catholicism to just one of the many spiritual options.

I suppose given these strong claims it seems odd that I’ve made Patheos my new home, perhaps almost contradictory. Right there on the main Patheos page is the chance to do a side by side comparison of various religions. It offers those visiting the site the opportunity to pick the best religion to suit their needs, or conveniences. Here’s the thing, because I so confidently believe in the supremacy of the Church I know that She can undergo a little scrutiny, as there is no comparison to the Truth. That Patheos offers a “balanced view of religions” doesn’t mean I am required to offer a balanced view. I write on their Catholic portal and my views are unapologetically Catholic.

I know this sounds condescending to someone who isn’t Catholic and surprisingly I put a lot of effort in writing this to make it sound less so. But it is what it is – Catholicism is the True Faith. Whether anyone disagrees doesn’t make it any less so. I realize writing for Patheos opens up a readership to people of all various beliefs, and I welcome and invite you to participate in the comments; however, that doesn’t require me to tone down the Catholicism or present it as anything less than it is – the Truth.

Should someone happen upon this blog through Patheos’s comparison, in search of some truth, I need to make it clear in my writing that the truth they’re looking for can only be found in Catholicism. To accomplish that I must emphatically, and without reservation, declare that Catholicism is the One True Faith.


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