it’s not all hearts and roses…

it’s not all hearts and roses… February 14, 2012

… it’s skulls, relics and martyrdom.

I will also embracing my inner Slav this evening, at the counsel of my friends, and celebrating the feasts of Sts. Cyril and Methodius by drinking Vodka. Lots of Vodka.

Interestingly though, this is the first Valentine’s Day in many years I find myself without a boyfriend or dating someone. I hate that word, boyfriend. I was pleasantly surprised; however, no one could even see my Scarlet Letter “A” indicating I was “Alone” and thus I was spared from children’s taunts and people pelting me with cabbages. I even left the paper bag at home. So it was a good day…

See how absurd that all sounds. Some girlfriends and I refer to today’s “holiday” as Single’s Awareness Day but really no one even notices you’re single, except maybe a busy body aunt or mom who is dying for grandkids. I have a son so my folks pretty much stay off my back.

So don’t buy into the hype if you find yourself single today. You don’t need to be validated with a cheap balloon bouquet and some flowers, though chocolate never hurts. No one on this Earth is ever going to love you more than Christ. No one is every going to love you more fully than Christ. And as long you have Him you are never alone.

This warm fuzzy moment was brought to you by Grey Goose and Godiva.

… see how stupid that sounds.

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  • Boy oh boy, I have to have our youngest (17+ YO) daughter spend more time here. I showed her the picture of St. Valentine and she said it was "creepy".But the next words out were, "If we still had Joan of Arc's heart, would it still be beating?" I had to show my ignorance by asking what happened to it. She informed me it was thrown into the river because it wouldn't stop beating even after Joan was burned.Still hope for her, I guess…John

  • No chocolates. No Grey Goose (I can only drink Stolichnaya out of the freezer, that's how much I hate vodka). Carefully avoided all rom-coms.

  • I hate the word boyfriend too. We should invent something more dignified for anyone over sixteen. Something along the lines of "suitor" …idk.

  • We should invent something more dignified for anyone over sixteen.How 'bout Cabana Boy?

  • I just protest

  • Thanks, Kat. This is the first V day in a long while that I didn't get depressed. Instead, I did my artwork.

  • Don’t buy into the hype whether you are single or not. My DW of nearly 30 years and I always find some way or ways to say a little extra “I love you” on this day. We do it without buying into the hype. We believe what we say to each other today because it’s not the only day we say it to one another and mostly we say it not through bought gifts but the gift of each other. If I may say, that is d— hard work.

    However, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with plastic balloons or plastic-like chocolate or even with flowers and some people even like them.

  • Julie

    Yay for some common sense. I happen to like Valentine’s Day despite always being single. Once I got over myself and gave myself permission not to be a grump on Feb 14th, I realized it’s just an excuse for some themey decorations and lots of sweets. All things I like! I love Seraphic Singles’ suggestion to send things to your single friends (like reviving the grade school practice of handing out cards and candy), and I also take inspiration from Leslie Knope on “Parks & Rec” – I love that Galentine’s episode. Valentine’s hate is way more cliche than an overpriced dinner at this point.

    For myself personally, whenever I start to feel down on myself for being single I force myself to stop and actually list concrete examples of people calling out my singleness in the last 12 months. Usually all I can come up with is one aunt who I only see at Christmas and always asks if I have a boyfriend. Every once in a blue moon I have a friend I haven’t seen in forever ask. But really truly *I* am the only person who makes negative pressurizing comments about it. Obviously that’s not true for everyone but I think a little reality helps.

  • LV

    I like to think of it as “Half-Price Chocolate Eve”  

    • Anonymous

       HAH! this was my response as well! This day ranks just ahead of  “Half-Priced Candy Eve” in October.

    • Anonymous

       I also like that.

  • Tanya

    I love this post. Love it. Love it! 

    I’m happily married but what this day has become irriates the ever-loving juices outta me; I’m sorry, it does. I know I risk chastisment by saying these things, but it’s just how I feel. My hubs buys me flowers from the grocery store about 4 times a year on just random occasions. He tells me he loves me (and vice-versa) every day several times a day. We have beautiful children together.  We laugh and joke around all the time. THAT means more to me than one day of over-gushing, over-spending Valentine’s madness. The stores are so colored red they look like they’ve been hosed down with blood, and last night I watched as people rooted around like pigs at a trough for those last few boxes of gag-inducing candy hearts. AH!  We actually do nothing for each other on Valentine’s Day except, well… that…  and I’m not trying to be crude, but by his own admission that’s all he wants and I’m happy to share in that gift from God with him. 

  • Patricia

    Embrace that inner Slav!  Happy Feast of +Sts. Cyril & Methodius!

    Troparion for the Feast

    O Cyril and Methodius, inspired by God,
    You became equal to the Apostles by your life.
    Since you were teachers of the Slavs,
    Intercede with the Master of all
    That He may strengthen all peoples in the True Faith,
    And that He may grant peace to the world
    And great mercy to our souls.

    Kontakion for the Feast

    Let us praise the two priests of God who enlightened us,

    And poured upon us the fount of the knowledge of God by translating the Holy Scripture.
    O Cyril and Methodius, as abundant learning has been drawn from this work,
    We exalt you who now stand before the Most High,
    Interceding with fervor for the salvation of our souls.

  • Matthew XXVI

    My attitude and disposition about this holiday hasn’t much evolved since this day 45 years ago when my dad gave into his demons and self-vacated his veil of tears. My wife of 38 years has seen me waver between the extremes of morose and ebullience this date, but generally she’s okay with being “stuck in the middle” with me.
    But, like your post affirms, coming to terms with the expression of love on this day ought to have something more tangible in relation to the lives of saints, the actual lives of saints.
    My sister just turned a birthday a year shy of six-oh, has twenty dollars to finish the month, stage four cirrhosis (but has been on the recovery for well over year and half), works at the same job faithfully, tho’ her employer (an airline) wants their plebe class of employees to vote themselves lower salaries and loss of all health benefits, and awaits an opportunity to enroll in a clinical trial to mitigate imminent liver failure.
    I love my sister. She’s had her demons, I’ve had mine, we’ve both been great pains in the ass to many we’ve befriended and loved throughout our lives. But, I love my sister though I can’t find words to say “why?”
    But I took this holiday, this year, to finally tell her that no matter what she decides to do in regard to whether she stays in her current situation in another city or not, I want her to live with us, to be with her brother and not alone flailing at the daily dragons as she valiantly does every damn day. We’re the only two with the same DNA strand left of our immediate family. But that fact is greatly overshadowed by the greater truth that our bodies and souls belong to the family of Jesus, and that we hope to be siblings with St. Valentine. Sometimes thinking and expressing love is done reckelessly. But He said (ultimately) “There is no greater love than….”

  • Jeanne Chabot

    My husband and I never do much on Valentine’s day anyway.  My mother is the one who sends cards and stuff.  So Valentine’s Day for me is about sharing the love with EVERYONE.  🙂  (Just like Jesus)

  • honeybee

    I’ve been married for 23 years and we’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day.
    We just despise this made up, commerical, materialistic, phoney “holiday.”

  • humbleandproudofit

    Judging by the picture, if someone says “Be my Valentine”, I should drop everything and RUN.

  • Anonymous

    We pour the love on our kids. I bought them tiny tokens and cleaned their rooms for them. I figure if we show them that love is sacrifice, they’ll appreciate it more. Meanwhile my husband and I barely remember cards.

    I also find the harsher the winter, the more I get into this day. Since this year was mild, I didn’t even break out the glitter….

  • Anonymous

    My Mom bought me a cute red stuffed dog and some Ghiardelli’s candies. The holiday for me has always mostly been about eating candy and maybe listening to music. I think my family was open to it being about any kind of love: agape or brotherly or familial or whatever. So add that up the fact I’m an unmarried celibate who doesn’t date has never really made it much of a problem for me.