Why the hell should liberals care that Susan G Komen cut off funding to Planned Parenthood…

Why the hell should liberals care that Susan G Komen cut off funding to Planned Parenthood… February 1, 2012

… I find the endless reactionary shrieks from liberals condemning Susan G Komen’s decision strangely ironic. Why the hell should they care whether Planned Parenthood loses funding from the Komen Foundation?

Aw. Poor Planned Parenthood. Let me properly express my concern.

The two organizations made strange bedfellows.

Plainly, Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms at their clinics. They only offer referrals. Induced abortions and artificial birth control increases a women’s estrogen levels which in turn increase the risk of breast cancer. In 2005 the World Health Organization declared ABC to be a carcinogen. When you examine the relationships between the “services” offered by Planned Parenthood and the side effects of those services – an increased risk of breast cancer – you have to wonder why one funded the other to begin with. It was highly suspect and the reason I never ever supported Susan G Komen in the past.

Then there’s the matter of the ongoing congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood’s nefarious activities; failure to report child sex crimes, statutory rapes and sexual abuse, botched abortions by incompetent “physicians” who refuse to comply with federal guidelines regarding abortions, and the constant mishandling of federal funds – aka our tax dollars.

In light of these facts, it makes sense that Susan G Komen stopped their funding. It was simply a sound financial decision. You don’t give money to the guy with a gambling addiction and hearty appetite for crack cocaine trusting he’ll invest it wisely. Just like you don’t give money to an organization already in hot water over funding fraud. Unless of course you have money to throw away.

The fact is Susan G Komen is a private institution and can do with their funds as they see fit. Susan G Komen is a foundation aimed at fighting breast cancer – not making sure women can get free birth control pills and have abortions on demand. They want to use their funds to research cures for breast cancer, which Planned Parenthood does not do. They want to help women receive preventive screenings and mammograms, again, not something PP specializes in. It does not help women to continue to waste funds on PP. Planned Parenthood does not fit with the agenda of the Susan G Komen Foundation. Period. So they responded by making better fiscal decisions.

All this irrational screaming and wild speculating that the Komen Foundation suddenly hates women and doesn’t care if they die in the streets is unfathomably absurd. Planned Parenthood clinics are not the end all in affordable health care. Last time I checked free clinics and county health departments were still in business – and they actually DO breast exams and mammograms. SGK is not a front for Planned Parenthood, they do still give money to other organizations – ones that make legitimate gains in cancer research. So I fail to see what all the unjustly directed pseudo righteous indignation is about.

Planned Parenthood isn’t going to file bankruptcy over this [too bad though]. They still have plenty of wealthy and influential backers.

My only concern is that the media will exploit this for their own liberally biased agenda and try to embarrass SGK into reversing their decision. This is a victory, indeed, but we need to remain watchful over the next few days and weeks. I foresee PP using this to their advantage and playing the poor underdog to garner support and sympathy from the public and celebrities. Wherever celebrities go, politicians are usually not far behind following the scent of money.

With that, I rally you one more time, dear readers, to write to the Susan G Komen Foundation and tell them thank you. Let them know you stand behind their decision and offer your support.

Do it now –

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Oh, and save your rants that Planned Parenthood actually helps women, saves lives, and loves kittens or some other such nonsense for some place else.

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