“Save The Storks” and other guerrilla anti-choice tactics…

“Save The Storks” and other guerrilla anti-choice tactics… April 15, 2012

Sometimes liberals make it all too easy, there’s almost no sport in it anymore. Take this entry from Feministing.

(If you see this bus driving around–please run and call a friend. It’s full of people that want to force their scary beliefs on to you)

On the spot ultrasounds seem to be taking the anti-choice country by storm. First, in Texas, where there is a rogue van called “Save the Storks” that is driving around and randomly offering those that are pregnant ultrasounds.

Yes. Run and hide. Because I heard from my lesbian co-worker’s partner’s hairdresser’s cousin said they actually hogtied a pregnant girl and threw her into the back of one of those vans bound and gagged. She was forced to *gasp* look at an ultrasound and then register for the Republican party. My lesbian co-worker’s partner’s hairdresser’s cousin said it was the most traumatic thing that ever happened to her – you know, after the abortion and all.

Reading further…

…in suggesting that babies come from “Storks,” we are forced to see exactly how archaic and, frankly, childish the anti-choice Texas evangelists framework is for women and other people with uteri.

I’ve come to expect this hyperbolic emotional shrieking from the left. Theirs are hysterical arguments not based on any research or, apparently, basic knowledge of human anatomy. “Women and other people with uteri”? I’m sorry, what?

And finally…

I am unclear how any of these on the spot sonograms–traveling and otherwise–are medically safe or legal. Oh, what, you a doctor now?

Oh, what, you didn’t know that doctors are not the same things as licensed sonogram technicians? It’s OK. There is a lot you don’t know, apparent from your writing. A quick Internet search – commonly referred to as fact checking and research in the writing world – will quickly put your mind at ease. The sonograms are indeed conducted by licensed sonographers.

And what is all this talk about “shaming” a women into a keeping her child? If abortion is not murder and the fetus is just a clump of cells than shaming would be a terrible tactic for the pro-life side to take. There would be nothing to be ashamed of.

Yet, it’s been proven over and over again. Ultrasounds work. Just ask Abby Johnson, the Planned Parenthood director who resigned from her position after watching an ultrasound of an abortion. Ultrasounds remove the shroud of ignorance and help woman make informed choices. Oh, there’s that word again. Choice. Please tell me exactly how it is pro-abortion advocates have the audacity to call themselves pro-choice when they aggressively work to keep women from obtaining necessary medical information? Clearly a lower abortion rate resulting from the free and voluntary choices of well-informed women should be welcome news to everybody. Well, welcome news to everyone not profiting off the blood of aborted children.

According to the State of Oregon Department of Human Services and Options PRC Statistics, “among those classified as being at high-risk for choosing abortion and who declined our offer to return for an ultrasound exam, at least 75% eventually had abortions. But among those who had an ultrasound, the abortion rate was only 30%.”

That is why there are groups like Save the Storks. They are fighting for a woman’s right to make informed choices by making medical technology readily available and free of charge. How can anyone claiming to be a feminist and pro-woman be opposed to that?

No seriously, how? Tell me because I cannot, for the life of me, follow the leaps in logic.

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  • Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeach.

  • L.

    Personally, I never understood why ultrasounds are supposed to make a difference. (Seeing the heartbeat of my own unwanted baby didn’t make me instantly bond with him/her, or feel any differently at all.) 
    I think BOTH sides of the debate are getting worked up about a non-issue. A woman who seeks an ultrasound at a pro-life counseling center, or Stork van, is probably on the fence and possibly even leaning away from abortion.  Fine — she will get whatever she needs, to have her baby. 

    But women who already have all the “information” they need about the process, and have already firmly decided what they are going to do, aren’t likely to change their minds. 

    • Because you assume a woman already has the information upon making an appointment at an abortion mill. I know it probably sounds ludicrous to you & I to think a woman would not know about fetal gestation but a lot of them don’t. They are scared and want desperately to believe that it is a “clump of cells” – you know, that popular lie spewed by PP. 

      At PP clinics you will not get this information. I know. So woman are being denied information. 

      • L.

        There are some pro-choice people who honestly believe in their hearts that life doesn’t begin at conception and that the humanity of the unborn is something that flowers along with development, so I wouldn’t call it a “lie” that the baby is a “clump of cells.”  (Heck, I’m STILL a clump of cells — a pretty big & heavy clump…).
        And even though I am avidly and unapologetically pro-abortion rights, I think that pro-life pregnancy centers and sidewalk counselors do have an important role (and one protected by my dear First Amendment) in helping women who really don’t want to have abortions, or the ones who truly don’t understand the biological facts of a pregnancy.

        Just anecdotal — I once calculated that I know about four dozen post-abortive women. I live in a country where abortion is very common, and I also went to a women’s college, plus I’ve probably talked about abortion more than the average person, since I’ve always been interested in the subject. I can only think of one person who didn’t really understand what she was doing. The rest understood that they were submitting to a process that would kill a human embryo/fetus.

        • Will

          Pardon me if I choose to go with the State of Oregon Department of Human Services and Options PRC Statistics over your anecdotal evidence.

          Also, it is one thing to say “I understand that in an abortion a human embryo/fetus is destroyed.”  It’s another thing to see for oneself the human life that will be destroyed.  A lot is hidden by the use of those technical terms.  The sonogram lets individuals see for themselves what exactly those terms mean.

          • L.

            You can believe the PRC stats, and I’ll believe the people I’ve met in real life. They can both be true.
            Embryo? Fetus? Technical terms? What exactly does an ultrasound show? It shows an embryo/fetus.  Heck, even a doctor referring to it a “baby” probably isn’t going to make much of a difference (it didn’t in my case) if the woman just wants it out of her so she can get on with her life. 

            Embryos/fetuses are alive and they are human and they are absolutely very small human beings, but let’s be honest, they don’t look anything like a post-born baby.

        • Patricia

          “Honestly believing in your heart” that a child in the womb is not a human being, or that it is ok to kill such a child, does not make it so.  We humans too easily deceive ourselves.

    • Patricia

      Wow…such open & callous disregard for human life, especially that of your own flesh & blood, is terribly sad.           

  • Here’s an anecdote  from my own family: 4 pregnancies ~ 4 abortions (same young woman). 5th pregnancy ~ went for checkup due to very late period (tested negative twice, so thought it was something else).  Had ultrasound. Shock & awe. Cried for days. Kept baby.

    • L.

      That is a nice anecdote. I can imagine that if a woman’s pregnancy is far along, and her baby has started looking like a baby, an ultrasound might be very powerful. 
      I went on to have three live babies after my unwanted one, and I never got excited about ultrasounds. But probably that’s just me.

  • “Women and other people with uteri” is referring to transgender women who identify as male.