US Bishops Launch Official Inquiry Into Girl Scouts Organization…

US Bishops Launch Official Inquiry Into Girl Scouts Organization… May 11, 2012

… among claims of anti-Catholic rhetoric and ties with organizations supporting abortion and contraception, like Planned Parenthood. It would appear the Girl Scouts is an association involved in practices not in line with Church teaching and so a formal investigation was been launched.

It will be interesting to see what results the investigation reveal. I’m not a big fan of the Girl Scouts myself but those feelings are based on my own personal experience with the organization from my childhood as a scout. They never did any of the fun stuff I saw the Boy Scouts doing. We never camped and shot BB guns. We never set things on fire and learned how to bait a hook. It was all boring stuff involving crafts and when I got older the theme became strong, angry, young girls who don’t need filthy rotten boys. Their heavy feminist agenda was the number one reason I remained skeptical about the organization even before I learned they hearted Planned Parenthood like Clooney hearts Obama. That and they are openly secular. Why some Catholic parishes are affiliated with Girl Scout troops always seemed rather odd to me, especially when you have groups like the American Heritage Girls.

I think I was 11 or 12 when I finally begged my mom to end my suffering and joined 4-H instead. 4-H was fun. I got to see a goat being born and we spent hours mudding around the Great Dismal Swamp.

If you ask me, and you didn’t, I think young ladies would benefit more from finishing schools. We call them “Charm Schools” here in the South.

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  • Ink

    The biggest disappointment which hits me when I see alternatives to Girl Scouting is that I didn’t know about them until I was too old to join, so my only memories of all-girls events are those of Girl Scouts.  (Indian Princesses doesn’t count because our dads were all involved.)

    • L.

      I hate Girl Scouts — too cliquey, in our town — so I didn’t encouraged my daughter to join. Too bad, if they apparently espouse my “radical feminist” values, but somehow I bet that’s overblown.

  • tj.nelson

    It’s so about time!  I knew there was something seriously wrong with the Girl Scouts when I saw this:

    • doughboy


  • In the Boy Scouts we shoot real guns.

  • KarenElissa

    I have very mixed feelings about Girl Scouts.  Growing up, I went all the way from K-12 and it was a wonderful experience.  My mom was a leader for a lot of those years and we did all the fun stuff, camping, outdoor cooking, hiking, archery, guns, wild caving, sailing, a couple of big trips, high ropes course, parades, and plenty more.  Really, anything we, as the girls, wanted to do, we did.  So I have tons of wonderful memories.  There was NEVER any mention of birth control, planned parenthood, or anything of the sort.  Sure there was plenty of “girl power”, but it was a positive, girls can do anything and we don’t have to rely on the boys to start the fire or carry the boat or whatever, it was never angry or hating boys.

    That said, GS troops, and even councils, are very much influenced by the local leader and area in general.  I’d be a lot more concerned about the influences in somewhere like San Francisco than I would be in small town mid-west where I grew up.  Same with leaders, the troops at Catholic schools are probably fine while I’d be a little more cautious checking out the leader at the local public school.

    That said, I am a bit concerned about the direction of Girl Scouts on the national level.  I do think it tends to be a pretty liberal organization overall and I think that can be a problem.  I’m also disappointed in some of the programing changes, but for the most part I don’t think that is a moral issue.  They are trying to “modernize” and reach more girls, but I’m just not a big fan of how they are going about that, it seems to be taking away some of the stuff I loved most, but again, that really isn’t a moral issue, just personal preference.

  • As mother of boys and girls, I can tell you that my experience as a parent was wonderful with Boy Scouting and horrendous with Girl Scouting.  In Boy Scouting, families are encouraged to be involved.  In Girl Scouting, the families are held way out at arm’s length and told that no, they are not welcome to stay at meeting and see how things work.  I found that the Girl Scout program was extremely liberal “girl power” feminist propaganda.  Boy Scouting was about building character and learning life skills.  I also found that the girls involved in the Girls Scout troop were not very nice and seemed to choose to bully.  In Boy Scouting, the boys were much more accepting of each other.  I think the fact that Boy Scouting is a SCOUT run program makes a difference.  The boys are guided by a “scout master,” but they ultimately make most of the decisions.  Girls scouts have a troop leader who is a woman.  At the older levels the girls may have more autonomy, but my girls hated the program so much we didn’t make it beyond 4th or 5th grade.

  • Markofhumility

    The problem is not really with the local troops…our parish has a lovely group of girls…but your hard work is going to support radical feminism foisted upon those who don’t have strong moral guides…and the book…ugh.  I stopped buying GS cookies years ago.  I am thinking of starting an American Heritage girls group….hmmm.
    In the meanwhile, we are starting a group for the girls attending the TLM on a regular basis (we meet while the guys are practicing as Altar servers)…we are thinking of naming the group “Maidens of the Immaculate Heart”.  It is a start.

    • Patricia

      Love the name “Maidens of the Immaculate Heart”!  You might be interested in checking out both the Little Flowers & the Little Women’s Hospitality programs.  Pilgrims of the Holy Family is another option, one which more closely resembles Scouting.  All are Catholic.

  • nitnot

    As a former Girl Scout leader and mom of the Girl in question, I have to observe that one’s experiences with the organization are utterly dependent upon the local leaders and culture.  In our culturally conservative, flyover-country area, there was very little of the pernicious influence many have observed at the national level of GS.  We leader-moms filtered that stuff out.  Also, GS is much less structured than Boy Scouts, so the local leadership has a much greater influence on the girls’ personal experiences — good leaders will facilitate, but not dictate — not-so-good leaders will make the girls bored or miserable.  That can happen in Boy Scouts, too, but the Boy Scouts have a structure that is much more encouraging of boy-led troops and make it harder for the adults to interfere.  As for the national GS feminazi culture, yes it’s there and one has to analyze one’s exposure to it — are your local leaders filtering that stuff, encouraging it, or what?  If local leadership filters it, is the monetary support from cookie sales, etc. disproportionate — there are other ways to support a GS troop financially.  As for the Catholic girl-group alternatives … well, if you’re a small minority in your area, that just might not be logisitcally feasible.  That’s what we found, living in exile here in the wasteland.

  • Kristen indallas

    when I was little GS was fun, my friends mom was the leader and my mom helped out, we did campouts, made our own vests (we were the poor troop), and learned to cook in a box in the sun. As the leadership never mentioned the feminist stuff, and we never really made a big deal out of the cookies (I think is was something like 25c from a $3 box that the troop ever saw, and our moms knew better ways than that to raise money.) As we got older though and girls started dropping out troops had to combine, leadership changed and it was awful. I quit pretty soon after that. Which is a shame, cause girls really need something in those formative years. I learned about 4H when I went to college in IA, and was extremely jealous – a friend of mine told me all about the photography and plant growing and prizes for a champion duck.  🙂  Their family had done 4h all the way through highschool and it seemed to have a very grounding effect on all  of them.

    • Don’t me get me wrong. Last I heard 4-H was very liberal nutso koo-koo environmentalist now. 

      • Lydiamcgrew

        Really? And despite that the Obama labor department wanted to remove the 4-H’s ability to do safety training for farm kids! Lesson 1 for the 4-H in “pandering to the left never gets you anywhere if you area already demonized.”

      • whimsy

        Yes, 4-H has hopped onto the green bandwagon.  But, in our urban area the emphases are on public speaking and service learning.

  • Cathy J

    I would love love love to find a charm school program!  Anyone who knows of one in New England (well not Vermont, I draw the line at that drive) let me know!

      I just did a search on etiquette schools in New England, try finishing schools too. Charm schools is a southern thing and a search for that in your state might send you to modeling agencies and other crap like that.