This Just In – Sex Has Consequences…

This Just In – Sex Has Consequences… November 16, 2012

… Oh my goodness! Did you know sex causes babies!?! Shocking, I know.

If you are having sex it’s safe to assume that you might get pregnant, you know, with a baby. That is the result of having sex.

Yes, yes, birth control blah blah blah. But really all that does is encourage risk taking behavior and well, more sex. Which causes babies. Because we all know the only thing that 100% prevents babies is to not have sex. It’s not rocket science. Just basic biology and common sense. Sex = Babies.

I’m always astounded when I hear women talk about their unexpected pregnancies. What exactly was unexpected about it? Were they having unexpected sex?

That’s one of many reasons why I dislike artificial birth control so much. The prevalent use of it has caused a mental divorce between the idea that sex causes babies and that sex has consequences. All these pro-abortion advocates running around talking about planned parenting… how about if you don’t want a baby just plan to not have sex.

We really need to stop using this phrase “unexpected pregnancy” because it doesn’t make sense. Technically there is no such thing as an unexpected pregnancy. All this feigned shock and dismay at the two pink lines on a pregnancy test is ludicrous.

Yes, Yes birth control again blah blah blah. In that case you still don’t have an unexpected pregnancy; you have the expected consequences of sex which you were hoping to avoid by using birth control. In other words, you knew the risk of sex was babies but decided to have sex regardless because the consequences were supposed to be removed by the use of birth control… which isn’t 100% effective and becomes less effective with every year of use. And if you don’t know that then you need to get a new gynecologist right away.

To recap: There is absolutely nothing unexpected about the fact that actions have consequences. Sex has consequences and this should shock no one. If it does, then you probably should not be having sex.

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