R is For “Random” and “Racism” …

R is For “Random” and “Racism” … August 22, 2013

… If Obama had a grandfather would he look like WWII veteran Delbert Belton? Or if Obama’s half white side had a son would he look like Chris Lane?

No. Empatic no. It doesn’t fit Obama’s race baiting narrative.

These two recent crimes are not being handled or reported for what they are… hate crimes. In this effed up world a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask is a hate crime that requires sensitivity training. But when black teens senselessly beat an elderly white man (which, btw, illustrates that fists can be weapons constituting the use of deadly force in self defense *cough* Zimmerman) and shoot an unarmed white jogger we are expected to view these incidents as “random”. I call bullshit. “Random” has become the police and media’s code word for “black on white crime” because it’s racists to say blacks can be racist. It’s only news worthy when it’s white racism. And even then it’s ok for blacks to retaliate with riots and more violence.

Here. Go read this: WWII vet, beaten by teens outside Eagles Lodge, dies

Notice something missing? The physical description of the assailants. But by God and country, when Zimmerman shot Trayvon the media gymnastics required to spin a Hispanic male into some secret Klan member, white supremacist was mind blowing. Yet when the victim is Caucasian this little nugget is not even deemed worthy of reporting.

Meanwhile, Oprah falsely accuses some poor store clerk in Switzerland of refusing to sell her a gazillion dollar diamond studded purse and the media drops the “R” word without an once of impunity. It didn’t take a minute of investigative reporting googling to discover this is the second time she’s made false accusations; each accusation perfectly timed with the release of a movie. Movies about, you guessed it, racism.

But what are the lives of two white people compared to the injustice of being denied a handbag? I know… let’s ask that champion of race relations and human rights, Jesse Jackson.

That’s right. When the victim is white it’s merely “frowned upon”. When the victim is black… march in protest and burn this motha down! Oh, and beat up white kids on a school bus. Don’t forget that. Must retaliate in kind.

I suppose this makes me a racist for pointing out the obvious.

Now you can all go back to being properly distracted by Obama’s new dog or Ben Affleck or something.

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