Constantine Comes to NBC This Fall…

Constantine Comes to NBC This Fall… May 19, 2014

… When the walls start bleeding and you find out that your house previously belonged to satanist who used the basement to hold ritualistic sacrifices who do call? A Catholic priest or your community church worship leader?

Gee. Let me think about that one for a minute.

The Catholic Church. Duh! Everyone knows that. Even Hollywood recognizes the authority of the Church to conquer evil.

You got demons? Call a Church appointed exorcist.

Many years ago at Charlotte’s Eucharistic Congress my son, then five, went up to a group of seminarians clad in black and asked them if they were ninjas. One young man actually knew karate and did a wicked looking kick. It was very Matrix.

Not to be outdone, the other seminarians said that they will all have supernatural powers to fight evil after their ordinations.

And that’s how you promote vocations.

I think fighting evil is the most noble thing a person can do with their life.

Noble as it may be, you’ll never catch me watching a movie about fighting demons. The Exorcist. the Last Exorcism of Emily Rose. Never seen ’em.

I did let my curiosity get the best of me once and against my better judgement begged my friend to hold my hand while we watched The Conjuring. That was almost a year ago and I still sleep with a crucifix and the light on. The Rite also terrified me to pieces, but I’ll watch any movie set in Rome.

Werewolves. Vampires. Monsters. Killer clowns. No problem. Demons? No, hell no. Because demons are real and Twilight is not.

But now they’ve went and made a TV show out of Hellblazer, one of the first comic series I ever read. I have to admit, when I saw this over at Connecticut Catholic Corner I gave a little squee.

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