I’m not dead yet…

I’m not dead yet… July 31, 2015

… I turned 40 and less than two weeks later I quite literally fell apart.

Forgive me for the extended absence, you see, my right hand has been splinted since Monday. That’s because on Saturday I had my second heart attack, followed by my second stent. But I’m home now and on this hellacious concoction of toxic pharmacopoeia — injections made of pig intestinal mucous and pills that give me blinding migraines, sudden drops in body temperature, and dizziness.

The up-side, my mood’s stabilized. I’m consistently depressed now. And I’m not dead. So yay, science.

Always have to look at the bright side.

congrats on not dying

A couple of things…

Thank you everyone for everything always. I’ve been prayed for, cared for, visited, fed, donated to, and just genuinely loved. I’m going through emails and messages slowly over the next few days so if you don’t get an immediate reply please know I sincerely thank you.

Moving from the sentimental to the serious now. If you don’t have a will, get one now. You need a living will and plans made for you to receive sacraments. You also need a life insurance policy, especially if you kids. I don’t care if you’re 29 or 69, you need to plan for when, not if, something bad happens.

And lastly, I should resume blogging again sometime next week when the glare of my laptop doesn’t sear my eyes and brain like a white hot poker.

Oh, and continue to pray for me.

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