Wired Wrapped Handmade Rosaries…

Wired Wrapped Handmade Rosaries… August 3, 2015

My friend, Donna, makes rosaries. Not just any rosaries. She makes truly beautiful, sturdy wired wrapped rosaries.

If you’ve every fallen asleep while praying the rosary only to wake up and find it in bits and pieces with beads everywhere, this rosary is for you. If you ever tossed a rosary in your purse or pocket and have it get tangled and come apart, again, this rosary is for you.

Unlike typically single loop rosaries, these are practically indestructible.

The picture I took doesn’t do it justice.

donna rosary

If you look at it really close you can see where each wire that holds the beads are individually wrapped three times by hand. She describes the method on her Etsy shop as …

Each loop is completely closed using a laborious and time-consuming technique that is not often employed for an entire rosary. Wire wrapping is often called unbreakable because your beads do not fall away.

And for the obvious effort and care she puts into creating these beautiful rosaries her prices are extraordinarily reasonable. I’ve seen wire wrapped rosaries go for as much as $100 and up. Even single loop handmade rosaries that aren’t as well constructed can cost more than what Donna charges.

It’s not too soon to start thinking about Christmas, folks. Support your local Catholic community by purchasing goods from people like Donna who take pride in their work. 100% of her sales proceeds go directly to her, not a corporation that manufactures mass produced tchotchke made in China. Her Etsy shop provides much needed supplemental income as she takes care of her elderly mother.

So head over to her shop and pick yourself up something that will aid in your devotional life while also supporting your fellow Catholics.

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