Making a Spell Candle

Making a Spell Candle March 12, 2020

Life can get a bit stressful at times. Media is full of all kinds of bad news. You cannot even pop on Facebook to say hi to friends and family without seeing all types of negativity. As a witch, we need to be more careful of this than most. We can be very powerful with our words and not even realize it. I have decided to distress and unplug more than usual but my favorite mantra keeps popping in my head.

You are a witch, think like a witch!

Realize your power and take control, of what you can and release what does not serve you. If you are having trouble with this, call upon your spirit guides, familiars and Goddesses/Gods. Who said you had to go through this alone? You will feel better once you take your power back or simply just do what you can. I love to use simple candle magick and so little candles are popping up all over my home. Here are some ideas for you.

Step one; Name your intention.

First, you will need to know the intention. World peace, healing for a love one or yourself, protection. The list goes on and on. Once you decide what you would like to use for an intention, gather your supplies.

You will need a candle to start. I like to use chime candles but you can use whatever you would like. Tapers or jars work nicely, but jar candles will not work for this particular instruction.

Candle Color Coordination

Certain colors align with certain vibrations. When in doubt or is you do not have the color for your intention, white is always a great substitute. Choose a candle to best serve your intention.

RED – To bring passion, passionate love, strength and courage.

GREEN – To bring money, prosperity, abundance, and good luck.

BLUE – To aid in jobs, healing, forgiveness, truth and patience.

PINK – Self-love, self-esteem, emotional healing, protection of children, domestic harmony and compassion.

BLACK – For grounding, releasing, banishing and protection.

Oils and blends

There are many wonderful “Potions” that you can purchase or create your own (that is a different post.) If you are in a pinch , pick one of the carrier oils that you may have around your house. My good friend, Mat Auryn has a wonderful blog that will you give your great direction on this. Choose an oil to anoint your candle.

Anointing your candle

Hold off to do this step until you have gathered all your supplies and then anoint your candle.

You would also anoint this way, if you were doing work for another. For example, if your mother was ill, you could do a healing candle spell and anoint this way to send her healing energy. Keep in mind, that as much as we may feel the need, it is always advised to get the person’s permission before doing any kind of spell work or magick.

Once you have anointed your candle, place aside until the next step.

Herbs to enhance your intention

Choose Herbs that will enhance your intention. If you do not have any or the correct ones that you are called to use, you can skip this step. “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs” by Scott Cunningham is a valuable source for any spell crafting witch. In my opinion, it is the best one out there as a resource for what kind of herbs to use in your magick. Here is a short list to help get you started.

Herbs to promote love, self love & esteem.

Red and pink rose petals, ginger, jasmine, lemon balm and raspberry.

Herbs to promote prosperity, money and good luck.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, holly, pine and patchouli.

Herbs to promote healing and peace.

Angelica, eucalyptus, mugwort, mint and thyme.

Herbs to promote protection.

Anise, lavender, dill, mistletoe and sage.

These are only a few of the very many.

Dressing your candle with herbs

Once you decide on what herbs you wish to use, spread them out so that you can roll your oil anointed candle to coat the herbs onto the candle. I use a shoe box cover to contain the herbs and it makes it much easier to roll.

Roll the candle away from you if releasing or doing work for another. If you are doing work to bring something to you, roll it towards you. All the while you are doing this, imagine your intention coming to light.

Final Step

Stand you completed candle upright in its holder. If you are bringing something in or to someone, light it on or before the full moon. If you are banishing or releasing something, do it on or before the dark moon.

Make sure to place your candle upon a clear and fire proof surface. I have personally never had an issue but herbs can ignite. Do not leave unattended. If you are worried or want to be cautious, skip the herb step.

Side note: Magick is wonderful! but it does not replace the need to seek medical or legal help if you are in danger or seriously ill. Use with western resources, it can and will be a great asset.

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