Book Review: Modern Witch by Devin Hunter

Book Review: Modern Witch by Devin Hunter March 19, 2020

Modern Witch: Spells, Recipes & Workings” by Devin Hunter

When I caught news that Devin Hunter was writing a spell book, I could hardly contain my excitement. Author of “The Witches Book of Power,” “The Witches Book of Spirits,” and The Witches Book of Mysteries,” I wondered what more Hunter could offer. Well I am very pleased to announce… A Lot!

Much More Than Your Average Witch Book

Modern Witch; Spells, Recipes & Workings” has far exceeded my expectations. The information is enlightening. The spells are a breath of fresh air. Have you ever bought a spell book with such excitement, only to be disappointed because the spells were just like any others? Or, even worse, found that the ingredients were hard to find or just simply null? I promise you will not be disappointed with this one.

More than just a spell book

Spells, recipes & workings are only part of the excitement of this book. This book contains practical advice. Devin touches on all aspects of creating a spell, including utilizing numbers, colors, herbs and planets. This book is a must for a beginner but even the most advance practitioners will gain new knowledge and information.

This book contains specific sections for love, healing, protection, prosperity and divination. Each section is full of easy to follow recipes. Devin goes one step further and offers tips to ensure that your workings are successful.

The Best Part

I have to admit that all the above have made this book a necessary addition to any witch library, but that none of those are my favorite part. What separates this most from other books are the images. Actual photographs from Devin Hunter’s workings.

So, think about this. Those of you who are not close to a coven, or Salem, or any practicing groups. You come to Witchcraft with eager eyes. No matter how hard one may work, you may often wonder, what a practicing witch’s work looks like. I am always curious to what one may find visiting another witch.

This book shows you. It is like going into a witch’s house and seeing for yourself the magick. Through symbols, sigils and more, it is all right here in this book. It is easy to feel how magickal the workings are. When you feel the excitement of what you will see, you will be destine to try it yourself. There is no other book that compares to the visual stimulation. Easy to read. Easy to follow.

I give this book total thumbs up! I simply loved it and will refer to it often.

Thank you Devin Hunter for this amazing book!

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