Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home April 2, 2020

With the Corona-19 spreading so quickly, many are finding themselves home bound. This can be okay for a bit but many of us are used to moving at a fast pace and are more than likely going stir crazy. Here are some ideas to do while your are at home. Many of them , you can do yourself, are free or very low cost.

Kid Activities

Kids that are out of school and limited with activities that they usually do can go quite stir crazy. Many schools are now doing remote learning but that can take up only so much time. Here are a few ideas to fill in the rest of the gap.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic Books (remember the book fairs at school) is offering free learning activities for children Pre-K, K through 9th grade. They are fun and interactive. Most of I did mention that they are free, right?

Story Time from Space

How cool is it, that you can sit, watch and listen to an astronaut who is in space read a book to your child?  Global Space Education Foundation is a 501 c non-profit. One of their projects is Story Time from Space. They send books to the International Space Center. From there an astronaut will video tape themselves reading the book. It is uploaded to the site and your child can watch and listen. This is a free service.

Family First Services

Family First Services started with caring people over 180 years ago. Neighbors and community come together to help one another. They have grown to offer quite a bit of local services. I found this page from their site that offered quite a few ideas to do with your children. Most items can be found around the house. Each project is fairly simple and entertaining.

Audible Stories

Audible is currently offering free audible books for kids. They are doing this to help keep the young mind active during the Corona-19 outbreak. The list of offerings is quite long and there are many to choose from.

Adult Ideas

Activities for adults can be a tad easier in my mind. We can pick up a book, make art or just take a quiet minute. When you have done some of that, check out some of these ideas to get you out of boredom.

Spring Cleaning

While this one is not as enjoyable as some of the others, it is necessary. After you have sanitized and given you home a once over, take a bottle of rose water and spray it throughout the house. Rose water will lift your mood and create a soothing environment.  If you do not have rose water (easily obtain at a drug store) look for a soothing or fresh essential oil to add to a spray bottle of water. Lavender will relax tensions. Pine will freshen your house. Lemon is good to get some new energy.

Make Art

I find art so soothing to the soul. It ease tensions and release unwanted energy. If you have trouble meditating, try doing some art. You will get in a trance like state if you allow. What is that? you cannot draw? No worries. Drawing used to be thought of as a gift and that may seem true to some, but anyone can draw with the right instructions.

Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts is a fun and amazing teacher. Though many of her classes are affordable, she does offer a few free ones to get you started. Poke around her site and get to know her. She is an amazing artist who lifts your soul up.

Adult Coloring Pages

Keeping in the line of Art, the website “Just Color” is offering free adult coloring pages for free. They have an abundance to choose from. Coloring is just like art in that it helps to release and move stuck energy.

Card of the Day

If you like to get a tarot reading or any sort of insight but are having trouble connecting to your local reader, I am offering a “Card of the Day” every single day of the month for a very low cost of only $5 a month. The readings are in depth and may even surprise you to how accurate they are.

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