A Global Message from the “Fool”

A Global Message from the “Fool” April 21, 2020

Many of you may be familiar with the image of “The Fool” as the joker in a common deck of playing cards or as the beginning card of the Major Arcana in the Tarot. Both images usually portray a silly or ‘foolish’  character. Often discarded or tossed aside, The Fool is often taken light or not at all. After all, who wants to be considered ‘foolish’ or silly? But there is so much more to this card than meets the eye.

Card of the Day

As a professional Tarot Reader, I like to keep practice and offer a card a day, every day for only $5 on my personal Patreon Page. It is my way to give back to my community and followers. Something that I have notice this past month, is that there is one particular card that keeps coming up. It wants to be heard. After talking with a few fellow readers, it appears that it is coming up in many of their readings as well. By the tittle of this post, you probably have guessed that I am talking about “The Fool” card.

This card first appeared on April 1st. How ironic, right? It also appeared on April 2nd, 3rd and again April 22nd. It has appeared in personal and professional readings in between. I feel that the message from “The Fool” is not just for me or my followers, but it is a message for all.

The Meaning of the Fool in Tarot

The Fool is the very first card (think new beginnings) of the Major Arcana but it is not numbered one. Rather it is the zero card. Depending how you read, The Fool or zero card, can seen as the first card or the last. Keep in mind that each card of the Tarot reflects the journey of life and lessons. Being that it is a ‘Major’ card, the lesson is much more important or dramatic.

In numerology, the number 0 reflects infinite possibilities. It is an all or nothing mentality. Zero has no beginning and no end. It is the number for higher power and universal energies.

Most depictions of the Fool in Tarot are of a funny looking character at the edge of a cliff or ledge. Usually there is a companion such as a dog, that is lightly following behind. It is easy to feel the ‘foolish’ nature of the card through the image. Will the Fool take his next step and plunge to his death or is it just a bump in the path to his happiness and truth? The truth is, the Fool is not really all that foolish at all.

The Fool

We may try and judge the Fool for his silliness. How crazy it must be for him or her to just trust where he/she is going. They are free and child-like. They trust the universe, knowing that they will not be given anything that they cannot handle.

Think back to when you were a small child. Remember how good it felt to trust everything and everyone? Simply because we did not know any better.  Then reality kicked in. Parents convinced us otherwise. Peers betrayed our trust. Our feelings were hurt and ultimately, we realized that we could not trust everything and everyone.

The Fool asks you to trust in yourself and in the Universe. Whatever you call your higher power… God, Goddess, the chair that is holding you us while you read this… The Fool is telling you to have faith and it will be better than you have every imagined.

In Relation

Okay, so right now, as I am telling you to trust in your higher power and just believe that things will work out and be better in the long run, you may be thinking that I am off my rocker. Well, as much as that may be true, the message is from the Fool. Things are a bit insane right now. It is crazy on the front lines and people that are forced to stay home have cabin fever that IS testing all nerves. I get it.

Ponder this for a moment though, a good storm washes away and cleanses the ground and earth. What is happening now, in our world is the storm. More recently, we can see how badly people are behaving. Social media is making folks say and do things that they would never think to do in person. It is easy to jump on that train and only see the negative in this so called storm, or we can choose to bring the balance and promote love and positivity.


When I was a very young child, my mother was a single parent. She struggled so, as many women did and still do. She had given up her career to raise a family. When she could not take anymore from my cheating dad, she was left with four small children and no skills to hold a job. I remember her crying just out of reach, each night. She became frustrated and showed it through anger. I would go to her and tell her that everything would be okay, all she had to do was believe. It was my belief as that young child, that if she would stop focusing on her troubles and just believe, everything would work out fine.

Now as an adult now, I wonder if I had added to the stress or if she found hope in such a small child coming to her with this belief. I am quite certain that she thought me silly or foolish even. This is the energy of the Fool.

The truth is that even though it did get harder for a while, things did get better. A lot better. My mom found a job that would train her. She eventually cleaned up her credit and bought a lovely home that she adored. One by one, she picked things off her list of a better life.

The Message

The Fool does not say that life is easy, that it will get easier any time soon. What it does tell you is that you are on your path. If you believe (there is that word again) and have faith (huge one here) things will get better. The more you fight it, the worst it will get. It’s kind of like riding that roller coaster at the amusement park. If you fight it with every up, down and spin, you will likely walk off with tight muscles and a sore neck. But if you feel into it, and let yourself go with the motion, you may just get off laughing hysterically. The point here is, the more you fight your situation, the longer and harder it will be. When you can embrace the energy around you and stop fighting, well you just might learn something and get to where you are going faster.

The Fool says to be child-like. Embrace this energy by coloring, doing sidewalk chalk art or blowing bubbles. Seriously, can you think of a time when you did not have fun blowing bubbles? Take this one a step further and as you do each bubble, name it something that you wish to release. One blow and you send it off and on its way, away from you.

Be spontaneous, adventurous. Try something new. There are all kinds of drawing and art workshops online. Take out a recipe book and make something you have not before. Grow seedlings and talk to them everyday. They will listen to your woes without judgement. Be free and allow yourself to play, to be… well, a bit foolish.

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