Book Review: Spellcrafting by Ann Murphy-Hiscock

Book Review: Spellcrafting by Ann Murphy-Hiscock March 2, 2020

Not Your Average Spell Book

I can remember as a young adult, scanning the limited shelves of our local bookstore and the library. I was looking for anything that would lead me to the right spell. I was looking, more than likely for a love spell in a neat little book. Thumbing through the pages of the ones that I did managed to find, I recall that they looked like recipe books. Most laid out what I needed but not the how or the why. Needless to say, my attempt at spells during this time, failed.

Spellcrafting by Arin Murphy-Hiscock is not that type of book. Instead of writing a book to lay out spells, Arin guides you to the how and why.

A Must Have for Any Practicing Witch

I would recommend this book to the beginner witch. Knowing the how and why a spell works or is successful is just as important as knowing the right ingredients. In this book, Arin touches on spells, briefly themselves. That is because she is writing to teach how to strengthen your work.

That is why I would also recommend this book for even the more advance practitioner. “Spellcrafting” goes beyond the basics. Everything you need to enhance your spell work is right here in one book. She talks about the days of week best, the planets, location and so much more. Arin even talks about the conflict of ingredients you may choose and why this may be stopping your potential.

Final words

There is so much information in this book. It will make a great addition to any witch’s library. What I liked also, is that Arin uses the Science and Art of Witchcraft. A familiar conversation within my training with Laurie Cabot. It is not a puff book but a wonderful, hard copy reference guide.

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