June 19, 2015

by Shannen Dee Williams, PhD. When news of Disney’s plan to reboot its wildly successful Sister Act franchise broke last week, media and fan reactions were as swift as they were predictable. From TIME to The Guardian, divinely inspired headlines cheered the impending reincarnation of America’s favorite black Catholic nun and choir director on the silver screen. Some even began speculating about who among today’s leading black actresses might replace Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg, who starred in the first two Sister… Read more

June 18, 2015

By Joe McHugh Ramadan 2015 starts on June 18th and ends on July 17th, and, even though I’m a Catholic Christian, I plan to observe it again this year, just as I did in 2014. I have little idea what this year’s observance will bring, but let me tell you how it affected me last year and how it molded and shaped my religious sensibilities while ultimately confirming the Christian quality of my religious quest. The first time I prayed… Read more

June 9, 2015

By Very Rev. Robert Barron Two news items from last week put me in mind of St. Irenaeus and the battle he waged, nineteen centuries ago, against the Gnostic heresy. The first was the emergence of Bruce Jenner as a “woman” named Caitlyn, and the second was a “shadow council” that took place in Rome and apparently called for the victory of a theology of love over John Paul II’s theology of the body. I realize this requires a bit… Read more

June 1, 2015

The persecution of the Catholic Church and other morally conservative religious bodies has begun in the United States. As predicted, it isn’t—thank God—bloody persecution like the persecution of Christians in many countries. But it’s real persecution, and likely to get worse. This new persecution currently has two prongs. One consists of pressuring individual religious believers to cooperate with public policies inimical to faith. The other prong is pressure targeted at religious groups and institutions to adapt their programs to the… Read more

May 14, 2015

By Russell Shaw Not long after St. John XXIII’s social encyclical Mater et Magistra made its appearance in 1961, a wisecrack began making the rounds among Catholics who’d taken umbrage: “Mater, si; magistra, no”—mother, yes; teacher, no. In other words, the Church has a maternal relationship with her members but is not their teacher on matters of an economic, political, and social nature. While this was what passed for cleverness back then, the cleverness, such as it was, was of… Read more

May 5, 2015

By Very Rev. Robert Barron C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and their colleagues in the Inklings wanted to write fiction that would effectively “evangelize the imagination,” accustoming the minds, especially of young people, to the hearing of the Christian Gospel. Accordingly, Tolkien’s Gandalf is a figure of Jesus the prophet and Lewis’s Aslan a representation of Christ as both sacrificial victim and victorious king. Happily, the film versions of both The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia have… Read more

April 24, 2015

by Zeger Polhuijs This Easter, I celebrated Holy Week with the Community of Sant’Egidio in Rome. During the Easter vigil, the basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere was packed. As the crowd joyfully sang, the procession entered the church, with priests and acolytes carrying a number of large icons as well as a procession cross and a Bible. The liturgy was celebrated with much solemn attention to detail, and ended with exuberant clapping and singing. In addition, a message was… Read more

April 20, 2015

By Very Rev. Robert Barron Cardinal Francis George, who died last week at the age of 78, was obviously a man of enormous accomplishment and influence. He was a Cardinal of the Roman Church, a past president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Archbishop of one of the largest and most complicated archdioceses in the world, and the intellectual leader of the American Church. A number of American bishops have told me that when Cardinal George spoke… Read more

April 20, 2015

By Randy Hain How do we integrate our faith with our work? If you think about it, most of us will likely spend the majority of our adult (awake) lives in the workplace. A typical eight-hour work day accounts for a third of the total day, with the other two-thirds devoted to sleeping, family, friends, faith, and so on. In the practice of our faith, do we consider the workplace as an opportunity to be open about our Catholic faith… Read more

April 13, 2015

by Leticia Velasquez It was August 2000 and my brother, the environmentalist, casually mentioned that he would be attending the Hillary rally in our hometown of Northport, Long Island. My ears picked up. “What rally?” I asked, “There has been no mention of it on the news.” It turned out the rally was “by-invitation-only,” and if I showed up, I would be “crashing” the party so to speak. My enthusiasm as a pro-life activist had him concerned. “Don’t get arrested!”… Read more

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