[VIDEO] Balancing Act

[VIDEO] Balancing Act March 13, 2014

Ask almost anyone how things are going. More often than not you’ll get a response like, “I’ve been SO busy!”

We’re all busy. We all probably have too much on our plates for our own good. And it’s not just at work, but also at home, in ministry, even catching up with stuff on the DVR.  How did all of that stuff get there?

Watch and listen as Howard Butt, Jr. shares a message about finding balance in our work lives, and knowing when we’ve taken on too much. 

Pencils Down

Quitting time would be easier if deadlines, insecurity, perfectionism, and expectations disappeared. We could simply lay our pencils down and walk away from the task in peace. Unfortunately, this is not our experience. The urgent trumps the important. The urgent trumps the clock, too. “In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat—for God grants sleep to those he loves.” Conceptually appealing, yet realistically challenging when pressure knocks on the door, the wisdom of the Psalmist often fails to change our ways.

This article is part of a series at The High Calling called Pencils Down. Our hope is that in everything, from to-do lists to identity, we will be encouraged to make small advances toward stopping when it’s time to stop.

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