[VIDEO] How Do We Glorify God in the Workplace?

[VIDEO] How Do We Glorify God in the Workplace? May 9, 2014

What does workplace evangelism look like? The idea of witnessing and preaching the Gospel to your co-workers can be intimidating to some. At the same time, there’s no question that the place where we spend a great deal of our time is ripe for (and very much in need of) the harvest.

In all honesty, there may be times when we should be having those sometimes awkward conversations with our co-workers about Jesus Christ and the Gospel.

Regardless, our efforts in evangelism start with glorifying God in the workplace. What does that look like? That’s the question Jim Wood deals with in this video. It may look a little different for all of us, but the bottom line is that foundation for how we evangelize is the example we bring through our actions. As Christians we should have a strong work ethic, hold high moral standards for ourselves, and be intentional about how we can use our work to bring positive change to our communities (and the world).

Here’s a little challenge for you. Get together with a few other Christians in your workplace, and brainstorm what this looks like. Answer the question, “How do we glorify God in our workplace?” Then develop an action plan and hold each other accountable.

When you take advantage of every opportunity to glorify God in your work, the evangelism opportunities will follow.


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