[VIDEO] Labor in the Dark

[VIDEO] Labor in the Dark May 1, 2014

What challenges and obstacles do you face that prevent you from accomplishing big things?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve long wrestled with my (perceived) shortcomings. I’ve always felt like I could accomplish more if I was smarter, had more education, or could get better connections with influential people. If we’re not careful, then our limitations can become a ceiling preventing us from reaching out potential.

What it would look like if we leveraged our limitations and obstacles to our benefit? What if we believe that anything is possible?

Hard work is important. But don’t ever let what you perceive as a limitation or obstacle get in the way of you doing great things. Your potential is not limited by your perceptions, unless you let it.

As Howard Butt, Jr. says, “Don’t you dare give up. Working through the darkness prepares us for tomorrow’s light in the high calling of our daily work.”


Performance vs Potential

The gap between performance and potential is far from neutral. On the positive side, it inspires. Think of the young professional who sees her future self in a seasoned colleague and dreams of achieving great things for God. Optimism and drive mark this view. On the negative side, however, the gap can be as haunting as it is illusory. Haunting because it confirms just how much we come up short; illusory because the gap tortures us with false truths about rank and value. For those who suffer the latter, even Jesus’ promise to be sufficient in our weakness goes unheard.

In The High Calling series on Performance vs. Potential, we’re taking an honest look at both perspectives. Will you join us? Whether you’re a dreamer seeking growth, or a doubter seeking peace, we believe you’ll be encouraged by what you read.

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