[VIDEO] How Do You Define Leadership?

[VIDEO] How Do You Define Leadership? June 20, 2014

I used to think a leader was the one person in the room with authority to get other people to do stuff. But that didn’t feel complete. Then I defined as leader simply as someone who has people following them. That didn’t seem like enough either.

Additionally, it always seemed like people needed special qualifications to be a leader. Wrong again.

I love how Tod Bolsinger defines it, “Leadership is when an organization or a culture or a people have to be transformed.”

Leadership is about transformation… in ourselves and those around us. [Click to tweet!]

Bolsinger continues, “Leadership begins when you gather people. Anyone who can wave a flag, or say there’s a problem, or raise their hands and say who wants to join me, is a leader.”

Anyone. Did you get that? Anyone can be a leader. No special qualifications. No title or position. No authority. Just a desire to seek transformation. That’s encouraging!

So the big question is, what transformation are you pursuing?


Leadership Influence: Beyond the Stereotype

When we think of “leadership” or “influence,” we often get the image of a person of arrogant swagger, always self-confidently willing to tell people what they ought to do. And we naturally find such an image unseemly. This is not the image of Jesus, the most influential person who walked the planet. Neither is it the image of those we truly admire and can name were the most influential people in our own lives. In this series at The High Calling, Leadership Influence: Beyond the Stereotype, we feature stories of how people can be influential in ways that really matter.

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