[VIDEO] Plug Into Silence

[VIDEO] Plug Into Silence July 3, 2014

It’s the vacation that defines the meaning of vacation for me. Our family went to a timeshare cottage in a small beach community on the Gulf Coast of Florida nearly every Summer. We only lived about an hour away down the coast, but the trip always took us to an entirely different world.

These trips were completely different than the times we visited places like Disney World, Sea World, and Cape Canaveral.

There was something special about the lack of activity and noise at the beach compared to the other, more touristy desitinations. Nothing but the sound of waves rolling in and crashing on on the shore. No roller coasters with excited screams. No crowds of people. Just the peace of nothingness.

I don’t even remember a TV in the cottage.

I’d fill my day with climbing the rocks, body surfing, and searching for shark’s teeth. Even stopping for a PB&J and some Hi-C for lunch on the porch was an interruption, especially when we had to take the time to lather up the sunscreen again.

It was a different time back then as it relates to electronics and the screens we bury ourselves in. Regardless, these times of disconnecting from the rest of the world were special, and refreshing times for me.

I miss that…


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