[VIDEO] Building a Platform: How to get your ideas to spread

[VIDEO] Building a Platform: How to get your ideas to spread August 8, 2014

How would Jesus build a platform for his message? I guess you could do it any way you want when, well, you know, you’re God.

What I find fascinating it that he did it by doing some of the verythings Seth Godin speaks of in this video. He was different, and remarkable.

It doesn’t take much to figure out that Jesus was different than the religious leaders of his day. As they walked around in their decorated robes, enjoying the luxuries of being in the priesthood, he hung out with fishermen and prostitutes. I’ve often wondered why the Pharisees were so upset about him. Well along comes this Messiah, and he looks nothing like what they were expecting. In fact, he was so different than their idea of a King they had to get rid of him.

I wonder sometimes about the average people of that time. I’m sure they noticed the gap between themselves and the religious leaders. Often living in meager huts, regularly going hungry, while these church leaders walk by in their fancy clothes after eating abundant meals (provided by the people).

Jesus was different.

Then there’s the whole thing about living a sinless life. And the miracles. He was smart, charismatic, humble, and everything else that made people take notice. There was nothing average about this man. He saw the basket of fish and bread, and fed thousands with it.

After three years of ministry, he had also built of a team of leaders to go and do the same. And they did. Two thousand years later, we’re still living out the movement he started.

Jesus was remarkable.

This challenges me to look at every aspect of my life. I want to be different and remarkable in my work, with my family, and in my ministry. And in the glimpses of my life where I have been these things, I can see the impact on the lives around me. I’ve seen clients become raving fans. I’ve seen my wife break down in awe of my love for her. I’ve seen people launch into the fullness of the vision God has given them for their lives. And those are the things people will talk about. Those are the ideas that will spread.


Building a Platform

The idea of building a platform has become a popular way of talking about about marketing. What does that look like, when you’re leading from the soul? So many of us cringe at the word “platform.” How can we reframe the whole idea so it makes sense and plays a positive role in the Kingdom of God? What is the right perspective? Can building a platform and building the Kingdom of God co-exist? In this series, Building a Platform, we take a look at what it looks like to embrace marketing while leading from the soul and, at the same time, faithfully stewarding roles, responsibilities, and resources to impact the Kingdom of God.

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