Resource Round-Up for Weekend Reading

Resource Round-Up for Weekend Reading July 31, 2015


Every week I will share links and resources as a round-up for your weekend reading. The inclusion of a link or article in my posts does not indicate that I am endorsing the material or opinions of the author. This is designed to help keep things on your radar and to start meaningful conversations.


From Around the Web

From First Things,  “Therapeutic Superstition”

Also from First Things, “A Tiny Pieta”

From NPR, “‘When God Talks Back’ to the Evangelical Community”

“The Day the Sun Stood Still: Interpreting The Miracle of Joshua 10”

From Ancient Faith, “The Beauty of Logos: Towards an Orthodox Aesthetic – On Behalf of All”

“When Church Members Scold Newcomers”

From Christianity Today, “Dear Pastor, Can I Come to your Church?”


Reading Suggestions

Praying and Believing in Early Christianity by Maxwell Johnson

For the Life of the World by Alexander Schmemann

Praying Shapes Believing by Leonel Mitchell

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