Why Do We Kneel in Prayer? – Post from “Anglican Pastor”

Why Do We Kneel in Prayer? – Post from “Anglican Pastor” November 5, 2015

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(Occasionally I contribute to other blogs. I recently wrote a piece for “Anglican Pastor.” Read this opening blurb and then click on the link for the full article.)

O come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker! – Psalm 95:6

There used to be a time—and it wasn’t too long ago!—when pews or sitting furniture of any kind were completely absent from the sanctuary.

Let’s be honest, we’re a bit removed from the ancient traditions of the Church when it comes to furniture and prayer. We now live in an age when pews are being exchanged for comfortable chairs, kneelers have gone by the wayside, and comfort is more important than anything else. But be it the triclinium of the early church or the empty naves of the ecclesia and great basilicas, the fact is that our tradition of prayer and worship is almost exclusively based on standing and kneeling.


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