New Arthurian film series: Guy Ritchie, SOA’s Charlie Hunnam…yes, please

New Arthurian film series: Guy Ritchie, SOA’s Charlie Hunnam…yes, please August 28, 2014

Some exciting news this week! announces a new film series about the Arthurian saga helmed by director Guy Ritchie (best known for his debut film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and its companion piece which is very smiler, Snatch, as well as the steampunky Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law–also was Madonna’s husband for a few years). The King Arthur series is rumored to be in the works as a SIX-PART series; whoa! (Here is a thought, Guy; why not do it as a TV series? Cuz TV is the new cinema, ya know.)

But of course the really exciting part of this news is that Charlie Hunnam (Jax on FX’s wildly popular show, Sons of Anarchy) is being tapped to play King Arthur. Despite not having blogged about it here, I am a loyal fan of the show. Charlie is pretty great in it, though I have a feeling future projects may force him to stretch his acting muscles a bit more. And playing King Arthur might just do it…


Besides, Charlie Hunnam in armor? HOT. Maybe even hotter than Charlie Hunnam in leather.

If that is even possible.

I mean, those blue-grey eyes, that honey-colored hair, those muscles, that swaggering gait, those sensual lips, that handsome, rugged face. Okay, it’s getting a little warm in here.

More soon!

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